March 14, 2010

Chalk Paint Project

It worked!

But, I learned something. Keep reading.

I was going to wait and give the Easter egg chalk board to Josie in her Easter basket, but decided she should enjoy it now.

When I saw the wooden plaque at Michael's it reminded me of an Easter egg. It was in the same section of the store as the houses I've been making.

The most expensive part of the project was the chalk paint ($7.99) The plaque was $1.49.

The 40% off coupon for Michael's, made the chalk paint reasonable. I have all kinds of ideas for using the rest of my chalk paint, including pots for our eventual herb garden. The biggest thing about this project is making sure you look over the wood, especially the center to make sure it doesn't have any big dents or divots. I didn't do that and Josie's board has a pretty deep groove. It still works, but a flat surface is really key. She doesn't care and that's all that matters.

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Just leave a comment in this entry and I'll draw a random winner on March 15th at 8pm (EST - Eastern Standard Time). I'll even fill the container with some special Easter candy. I hope your weekend has been a relaxing one.

PS. Thank you for my beautiful bunny teapot, Staci. I just love it!!


Anonymous said...

It's good for me to at least read about your creativity and to admire your photos. It doesn't make me more creative, but you do inspire me to at least spiff things up around the house and put away my winter decor. If it weren't for you I might still have Winter Holiday in August! :-) Enjoy our spring weather...I am. Love Sherry

Nikki said...

Cute, cute crafts, again!
You inspired me to try some Easter crafts myself, check out my blog :)

I can't believe it's been almost 2 YEARS since Josie came home. Wow! Time flies. And what a difference time (and love) makes!

Courtney said...

I love the mini egg chalkboard. So glad the project worked out and thanks for the warning about finding a smooth board. You have gotten me in the mood for a trip to Michaels!

Jodee Leader said...

I love the Easter egg chalk board!