March 20, 2010

Wanna know a secret?

Who would have guessed that this kind of weather...

could turn to this kind of weather just a few days later. Only in West MI!!

Last year I bought a gingerbread bunny cottage kit marked down after Easter for about $2.

Wanna know a secret???

Did you know that if you make the royal icing too runny and you don't have any extra powdered sugar in the house, that a hot glue gun works too? Hey, not everything I make turns out perfect. I figure - we’re not going to eat it anyways. Why not bring out the glue gun and scrapbooking paper? We still had a wonderful time filling it with icing, candies and sprinkles.

While I'm focusing on all things sugar, I have to share my latest shopping deal. We have an ALDI next to our local Target. I popped in and found these gorgeous chocolate foil Easter candies for $1.29 a bag.

I bought 2 bags (1 bag full of chicks and 1 bag full of rabbits). I don't even care if they taste icky. They are just so pretty to look at.

I hope you're having a sweeeeeeeeeet weekend!
We are (even if there is snow on the ground again).

PS. Chris's mom was admitted Friday (as planned) to the University of Michigan hospital. Her valve replacement surgery is scheduled for Tuesday at 7am. Her last heart hospitalization ended up being quite involved with a move to a rehabilitation center and being away from home for several months. We're hopeful that she's physically stronger this time. I need my prayer warriors to start those prayers now.


Kim said...

LOVE the Easter house.. tooo cute.. I can't believe you have snow again.. crazy weather..
Love the chickies and bunnies..
I will be thinking of you guys while your MIL is going through these tough times..

Shanna said...

That is the prettiest gingerbread bunny house I've ever glue and all.
Sorry about the snow. Just remember that Spring is just around the corner :)
We'll be lifing Carol in prayer that the procedure goes perfectly and that she heals in record time.

Jodee Leader said...

I completely jinxed our weather! It snowed here too after it was 67 and sunny last week! What the heck!

Love your little Easter house!

Hope you are having a great weekend!