February 19, 2011

This and that...

The snow has returned in full force and the latest predictions include an ice storm too.

As much as I love snow, I am eager for pastel and signs of spring.
I realize Easter is many weeks away, but I started pulling out items in my craft room.

In my world, it's never too early to start crafting for the upcoming holidays.

Did you notice that the latest issue of Flea Market Style is available?

I wish this magazine came out more often.
It's such a treat.

Emma's Aladdin performances are this coming weekend and she has extra rehearsals every night this week. Emma also gets her lower braces later in the week. Josie also visits her cardiologist for her sixth month check up. It's definitely a busy week of juggling work, doctors appointments and family fun.

Have a good week ahead.


La Vie Quotidienne said...

I have never seen this magazine I will have to look for it. Have fun planning you Easter crafts I am sure they are going to be wonderful.

Jodi said...

Ohhh the snow!! Wow! Be careful!! Can't wait to see your Easter/spring crafts!

Jodee said...

Go away, snow! You poor thing!

Looking forward to seeing your Easter goodies!

Enjoy your busy week!

Mike and Barb said...

I saw the weather map, and thought "oh no, Kim is getting MORE snow!!" We were at the very edge of that huge storm, but only got maybe 2 or 3 inches, and now the sun is out!
Hang in there!

Heather said...

I eyed a previous issue of that magazine in the store before, but put it down because of the price. It was a beautiful magazine. Perhaps I will take a look at it again! :)

You have a busy week ahead of you! Good luck with everything!

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

You poor things!! I cannot believe ya'll are getting hit with more snow and ice.....

Life in Rehab said...

As your attorney I advise you not to go out there...

Cindy said...

Good luck to Emma and Josie this week. I am sure that everything will go wonderfully for the both of them.

I think that JJ is going for the Bieber look...if you have noticed his hair lately. But, I think it is just about to get on his nerves. Hopefully he will get his cut when I do next week!

Aren't mom/daughter days just wonderful!?! I am kind of glad Tori is too young to catch the Bieber fever, but I just wonder who she and Josie will fawn over when their time comes?

Stay safe in all that snow! It's so grey and dismal here...I wish we had a bit of snow to cover everything up until Spring.

Have a fun week...try to get some rest, too!
Many hugs,

Karin said...

Pretty snow pictures--but I'm ready for spring, too. Summer, actually! I have started to have a fierce longing for the beach. ha.