August 13, 2011

KITCH-ITI-KIPI (Big Spring) UP Day 4

On our travels back home, we traveled to KITCH-ITI-KIPI to visit the Big Springs. You can find this attraction in Palms Book State Park which is located at the northern part of state highway M-149, a fifteen minute drive north of US-2 at Thompson.

KITCH-ITI-KIP is hundred feet across and forty foot deep. It's Michigan's largest spring. This crystal clear attraction is absolutely amazing and almost prehistoric looking.

The flow continues throughout the year at a constant 45 degree fahrenheit. We were able to enjoy the attraction with self-operated & tethered glass bottomed observation raft.

Ancient tree trunks, lime covered branches and fat trout appear in the crystal waters far below.

Like many of the attractions that we visited, this was free with a state park pass. It was one of my favorite spots this past week. If you are heading to the upper peninsula, be sure to pack a cooler with snacks.

There are dozens of scenic turnouts perfect for picnics.

We're definitely looking forward to our next visit to the upper peninsula.

Such a beautiful state.



vivian said...

I'm glad you had such a good time, even with the cast. I think I would want to skip that bridge though... that looks long and scarey!
Welcome home!

~~Carol~~ said...

I can't believe how clear that water is, and how you can actually see the spring bubbling! I like that so much better than murky water, and not knowing what's down there!

My Vintage Mending said...

I have to agree. The state parks in Michigan and Minnesota are amazing and well kept. Certainly worth a family vacation and budget friendly too. Beautiful photos. Smiles....Renee

Cindy said...

Looks like you are having a great time despite your new fashion accessory! I have enjoyed (and been a bit envious) of your beautiful trip. We must come up and visit those fantastic and amazing areas.

I hope to get a package to you this week. It just has some goodies I have picked up for you and the girls during the summer.

School is is full swing, and I am already pooped! Teachers in our state have a new evaluation/teaching rubric we must follow. Boy would I love to retire early! I just keep thinking how blessed I am that I have a job...
Much love,

Jodi said...

How incredibly beautiful!!!

DearHelenHartman said...

That water looks chilly! Not sure why but it gives me a shiver. The day looks warm and wonderful, though.

Lee said...

Another place I have never heard of! Now I really need to take a drive to the UP.
I went antiquing today but the best part was watching two young fox! Love the north!
Have a great Sunday- hugs!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

What a beautiful spot and memorable vacation for your family. I can't wait for a chance to explore Michigan.
PS love the new blog header, such pretty lanterns

Heather said...

I never knew that Michigan had so many beautiful places! Thanks for sharing your trip with me, Kim. It looks like you guys are really enjoying your time away!

Jboo said...

Am definitely putting Michigan on my list and you on my list as a travel planner! Looks beautiful!!


Donna said...

What a great ending to your trip, Kim! I am sure that people would be amazed at just how beautiful Michigan really is! I can't wait to head back to the UP! Did you make it as far as Copper Harbor? If not, then be sure to visit next time! The Keweenaw is amazing!