August 29, 2011

A very crafty weekend...

While Chris took the girls across the state over weekend to visit his parents, I was able to get my 10 Halloween ornaments completed for a swap I'm participating in.

I found the neatest wine bags at Michael's for $1 that I used to wrap each ornament. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but in addition to the sweet little witch graphic found here, lots of crepe paper, glue and glitter were involved.

As promised, I even made a few extra for give-aways!!
I've got lots of ideas and tutorials for Halloween crafts.
Be sure to look at my past entries
and be sure to check back often this fall.

PS. Several of you asked where I picked up the Martha Halloween special edition magazine.

I got my copy at Costco, but I've seen her at several chain grocery stores too. There are some new things in this issue, along with some recycled articles. My heart goes out to everyone that has suffered from hurricane Irene! Prayers to my east coast blogging friends.


Jodee said...

It looks like you had a great weekend crafting! Can't wait to see more!

Hope you have a great week!

My Vintage Mending said...

Kim I can't even wait to see what you made...all ten already. I tried 3 different versions this weekend and all were a dud. Off to the craft store today. Yours are amazing as usual. Thanks for the inspiration. Smiles...Renee

~~Carol~~ said...

Thanks for the little peeks at your crafts. I know they're going to be amazing! And oooooo, I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of Martha's mag. She's the Queen of Halloween!

Jodi said...

my girls have decided that back to school means - it must be halloween! Morning discussions to school have been about our costumes. Ideas change daily! :) Love the excitement!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I can't wait to do some Fall crafting! I need some crape paper! That really makes it perfect! ♥

Donna said...

What a spooktacular idea, Kim! Love how you wrapped them all up in the wine bags, very clever!!

Heather said...

Looks like you had a fun and productive time alone! Can't wait to see more!

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

I'm so jealous I wasn't able to participate in a Halloween swap I was invited to this year. I'm so backed up! School starts tomorrow for Mary and Wed. for Nic. Half the town is still out of power from the hurricane and getting around is like a maze because of all the blocked off roads and fallen trees. My head hurts!

Looks like the people receiving your swap are in for a treat!

Lee said...

Love the sneak peek for the Halloween swap! I need to get moving on mine!
Glad you stayed home this weekend-hope you rested that foot!
I am just home from Koeze's....90% off summer items! Wowie zowie! I love a great sale!
Have a good week! ((hugs))

birdie blue said...

your halloween crafts are looking super festive, kim.

spotted that magazine at costco, and thought of you.

hope your week is off to a promising start.

vivian said...

OH I'm just dying to get started doing some halloween stuff and have been thinking about what to do for you for our swap! too tired from the wedding to do anything today. I might start a project tonight though.. we'll see!
have a great week Kim!

Cindy said...

Yes, you are the Halloween Queen of crafts and decorating! Thanks for sharing with all of us who are Kim K. wannabes.

Are the girls back to school next week? I bet that Josie is ready to start her first official day!

Let's just pray that I don't go out of my mind with all this kitchen construction. It will really bother me on Friday when everything is gone and the dust is four inches thick.

I am already getting some Halloween party ideas myself, and purchasing some things on clearance for the girls mermaid tea next summer. I guess we both just like to party!

pre-Halloween hugs,

Vicki said...

Kim you had some fun! Can't wait to see more. I'm off to checkout your projects.

Cheryl G. said...

Looks like a you had some great fun!
You are amazing!