April 21, 2009

Andrew, Being Two & Antiquing

The Beckering family returned home from China Wednesday night. I can't tell you how exciting it was to be at the airport to greet them. He's just as handsome in person as he's been in all their pictures on their blog. He's precious. I can't wait for Josie to meet him someday. Emma already has him marrying Josie...hee hee.

Speaking of Josie, she's been showing all the signs of being a two year old. She's in that fiercely independent stage and throws a complete tantrum/meltdown when she senses we are doing something for her, that she could have done herself.

Chris and I have gotten really good at redirecting her meltdowns, but her bedtime tantrums have me at my wits end. I don't like spending 90+minutes wrestling her to screaming butt to bed. It's heart-breaking and annoying all at the same time. She needs another prayer. Another story. Another song. Another hug..etc. She's started storing all kinds of objects in her bed at night. She needs several books, her fisher-price little people, ten or more stuffed animals, and at least two of her snuggle blankets near her pillow. Chris and I have agreed neither of us are going back to our original routine of laying down with her, letting her fall asleep and sneaking out. We did that for nine months and it finally stopped after she recovered from her hand surgery in January.

Any thoughts? Chris is still the master at getting her to bed, but I'd love to have a night without tears.

On a completely different subject, one of my favorite extra curricular activities starts back up this weekend. The Allegan Antiques Market (which features over 400 vendors) is happening this Sunday. Woo hoo! The antique market opens in April and runs through September and is scheduled the last Sunday of every month. Chris has already promised that I could sneak off Sunday if I watched the girls all day on Saturday so that he can use the wood chipper. Sounds like a fair trade (hee hee). I'm soooo ready for the weekend!!!


Oatsvall Team said...

what a sweet pic of Steffie/Andrew ... I am so happy they are home ...

To bed is such a hard time here also ... We potty, we get our sippy cup, we pray, read a book, and I put on dora for a little bit ... she usually gets up about 4-10 times and I just put her back in bed w/ no words except I LOVE YOU ... She usually doesn't go to sleep till 11 or 12, but there isn't much crying .. It is like she is doubling checking to make sure I am still here ...

You know I am standing in prayer w/ ya sister for our girls ...

Mike and Barb said...

Oh, I want that typewriter!!!!
Well, Andrew looks happy!! What a cutie!
And oh, the 2 year olds.... wonderfully exhausting - I'm watching my nephew getting into that stage and I'm so thankful I'm DONE with that.
And as far as sleep goes - I think it depends if there are significant fears still there, or if she is just used to getting her way at bedtime and therefore pushing your buttons. I love the supernanny approach to bedtime, but like I said, I don't know if Josie is ready for that. Maybe start with the books she picked out earlier, so she knows she can pick three, and they are waiting for bedtime, and when those books are read, that's it. Set gentle limits at bedtime, and she may not like them at first, but she is such a smart little girl, I bet/hope she'll adjust quickly.
Love, Barb

Buffi said...

what a CUTE little boy!!! So glad the family is back home safe!!!

Kuddos on redirecting meltdowns!! I'm such a "suck it up..get the right attitude" kind of mom...there's not much redirecting with me!! Mark is better at that than I am!!! It is VERY annoying isn't it!? Sadie does it too and UGH....I'm like....SO OVER IT!!!

As far as bedtimes go...what we did with Sadie is do the stories....and prayers....etc. The WHOLE time telling her...Sadie...in 10 minutes mommy has to go and take a bath. But I'll be back in here to check on you...and then I'll see you in the morning. We would keep counting down..."in 9 min...in 8 min...etc). She was mentally prepared for us to leave and KNEW we'd be back to check on her after my bath. Of course...I waited until she fell asleep. Then she just expected that routine every night. Not sure if it will help with you...maybe it will!! Let us know!!

OH...I LOVE to antique too!! I could spend HOURS in an antique store!!

Gotta run. Sadie has ballet! Have a great day!
Love ya,

Wife of the Pres. said...

Kim, I got nothing for you on bedtime. We still have tears w/ our boys!!! No joke! It is ridiculous really and I we did things mostly right, I think. :) However S usually goes to bed well, but Daddy almost always lays down beside her for a few minutes. SUCKER!!! OK, I am just joking but he does do this and did w/ the boys at that age too.

Sounds like you had fun shopping! There are tons of places here to go. If you're ever down this way, let's go SHOPPING!

So happy for Josie and you all that she has celebrated her one-year post-op day!!! AWESOME!!!

Sarah and Jack said...

Honestly I think the only solution for bed time is that supernanny thing. Put them to bed, leave the room. When they come out, return them with no words. Out again? return again. Just rinse and repeat until they fall asleep.

It only took 3 or 4 days of that with Jack to get him to knock that stuff off. (And the endless parade of needed *accessories* used to drive me CrAzY.)

It also helped Jack to be able to know what time bed was, and to recognize that number on a digital clock, but that is probably still a ways down the road.