April 12, 2009

A Change in our Easter Plans...

Our Easter plans have changed dramatically. Right after decorating eggs on Saturday, Josie started acting strange. She's been cutting molars and I assumed her less than kind behavior was due to a sore mouth. She refused to nap (which is rare) and by the evening she had thrown up, had a bloody nose, was running a 104 temperature and was coughing. We talked to the on-call doctor who told us to keep her medicated with tylenol and motrin every four hours. Mommy laid on the floor of the girls room and finally at 2am, her fever broke. Josie is now quite congested and has a noticeable cough. Doesn't it just figure this would happen at the end of spring break when the Mommy and Daddy are suppose to return to work!!!

The Easter bunny did manage to leave a trail of mini marshmallows to the girls Easter baskets. Despite not feeling well, Josie has been more than eager to keep up with big sister and tear into candy and other goodies.

Chris and Emma attended Easter mass, while Josie stayed home and got yet ANOTHER bath. Doesn't Emma look lovely in her Easter dress and coat?

Our annual Easter egg hunt at my parents funeral home has been put on hold for the girls. Have fun tearing it up Liam & Carson!! This hasn't been our ideal way to spend Easter, but we're home and together .

I've dug out my fine China and I'll be quickly putting together our own mini Easter dinner.

I hope your Easter is blessed and spirit filled.


Nikki said...

Awww, poor little Josie. Hope she feels better real soon.
Emma, you look super in your dress and coat--love it!
Have a happy Easter. I know it's not how you had planed, but the important thing is you're all together. A blessing in itself!

Tammy said...

I'm so sorry Josie is sick. :( I hope she feels better soon.

Emma looks very stylish in her coat and shades. :) Your china is very pretty, too.

Happy Easter!

Steffie B. said...

oh dear....I hope she is feeling better.....love your china.....the table looks beautiful! ;)
I am so tired of drinking bottled water I could scream! lol 9 days to go........lol

Kay Bratt said...

Emma, you are lookin' awesome in your Burberry.

This will be an Easter that will always stick in your mind. Luckily, Josie has a great Mommy who will make sacrifices on her behalf without complaint! I hope she feels better real soon.

Happy Easter.

Emma said...

Well this Easter was a little different for us and not how i intended to spend it. But things happen for a reason. I'm just happy we are together as a family of 4.

Love,Emma (JI JI)

Nicole said...

I'm so sorry, Kim... things never do seem to go as planned, huh? Emma looks wonderful in her dress and coat... hope Josie feels better soon. HUGS!!!!

Sarah and Jack said...

Ugh, we are sick too!

Your table looks positively gorgeous!

Mike and Barb said...

Oh no! I hope Josie will feel better soon, and no one else gets it!
It sounds like you had a lovely Easter nontheless!
Love, Barb

Buffi said...

I'm SO SORRY you guys were dealing with sickness yesterday! Bless your hearts!! I LOVE Emma's outfit and coat...and your nice china looks beautiful on the table. I hope you enjoyed dinner!!! I'm glad you were able to spend the day together!!! Hope everyone feels better quickly!!
Love ya,

Truly Blessed said...

So sorry Josie is not feeling well. But, I'm glad you were able to spend the Lord's special day together at home (and what a pretty table you set for this special occasion!).

I hope we can get together soon.