April 27, 2009

Tender Tea...A Fun Mother's Day Gift (and refrigerator updates)

My mother received this gift at Christmas from me, and it would be perfect for any special lady who enjoys a cup of tea.

Supplies needed:

Box of tea bags

Step 1. Open up a box of tea and pull out the individual tea bag envelops.

Step 2. Unseal each tea bag envelop and carefully pull out the tea bag.

Step 3. Take a bunch of pictures and cut them to fit onto the paper that is attached to the tea bag string. My printer actually has a photo ID function which allowed me to print them off quickly in smaller size which I then cut apart.

Step 4. Attach a picture to the tea bag string with glue or tape and then place the tea bag back in the original envelop (this is the most time consuming part).

Step 5. Repeat steps 1 - 4. Get the kids involved in this project. They might not be able to take apart of the envelops without ripping them, but they can help with assembling and taping the pictures.

Don't you think this is a great gift? What a fun way to start out each morning seeing a special loved ones face over a cup of tea!

For my adoptive Mommies who enjoy Jasmine tea, my favorite online store is Pearl River. Their prices are amazing (100 bags for $3.25). I've enjoyed this brand for the last five years. I love everything on Pearl River's website. Heck, I might just need to pick out a few new things for myself for Mother's Day!

PS. Our refrigerator woes have been solved. Chris used his belt sander and it now fits in between our cupboards. My kitchen has a nice layer of sawdust EVERYWHERE, but we can keep the beautiful refrigerator. Way to go, Chris!!


Buffi said...

WAY TO GO CHRIS!!! I'm LOVIN the fridge!!!! :) Also...love the mother's day idea. I've GOT to start thinking about what to do for Mother's Day!!! You keep me on my toes Kim!! Thanks!! :)

Shanna said...

Beautiful fridge!! So glad you are married to a handy man. I knew if he could carve up 30 pumpkins in a few hours, he could carve a way for the fridge to fit in the cabinets. heh!
Seriously, do you ever run out of cool ideas?? The tea bags are so darn cool!!!

Mike and Barb said...

Nice work, Chris :-))
I don't know how you do all this crafting while working full time!!
You have my admiration!
Love, Barb

Nicole said...

Love that craft! We just finished our "Tea and Testimony" meeting for MOPS... maybe we could add that to our meeting for next year.

Great job, Chris!!! Glad it all worked out!