April 18, 2009

Easter Do OVER!

Last Sunday, Josie was struggling with a very high fever and our big Easter egg hunt at my parents funeral home suddenly couldn't include the girls. Although we never made it back to the funeral home (I know it sounds like a strange place for an egg hunt but it's all very tastefully done) we decided to try it outside at our house.

It was a HUGE hit with Miss Josie. I think those colorful plastic eggs just might have to stick around a few more weeks because she couldn't get enough of it. I love her enthusiasm for new things. I hope she continues to enjoy LIFE this much.

The girls recently got new spring trims at the beauty salon. Doesn't Emma look ever so stylish? I don't remember looking quite this glamorous in fifth grade (hee hee).

In honor of the upcoming earth day on April 22nd, here's another easy art project that recycles artwork. Using Josie's lovely fingerprint paintings, we've crafted flowers.


Construction paper and any child's fingerpaints or drawings
Pipe cleaners
Flower cookie cutter
Paper Brad
Three hole punch

Step 1: Trace your flower cookie cutter onto construction paper or any of your child's drawings. We used Josie's fingerpaint prints and pastel construction paper.

Step 2: Cut out the flower shapes and stack three different shapes on top of each other.

Step 3. Punch a hole in the center of the flowers and push the paper brad through the center of the flower and curl the edges of the flower to give it some dimension.

Step 4. Glue a pipe cleaner to the back of the flower.

Step 5. Repeat steps 1-4 and enjoy your bouquet of flowers.

We filled a favorite vase with our paper flowers and combined them with a few silk roses too. This bouquet of flowers would even be a nice gift for Mother's day for Grandma or a favorite Aunt. Don't forget, Mother's Day is May 10th...which is not too far off. Happy crafting!!

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Tammy said...

So glad you got to enjoy Easter, after all. Yes, Emma is "styling". The photo of Josie's smile is beautiful!