April 8, 2009

Bunnies & Chicks

This morning, we attempted to get Josie to pose with the Easter Bunny at our local mall. As you can see by the picture, Josie wasn't all all that thrilled with her photo shoot. I certainly didn't plan on being in the picture (hee hee).

Here are a few more toddler friendly Easter craft ideas.

Easter Chick

Supplies needed:

Yellow, orange and black construction paper
Yellow feathers

Step 1: Trace two circles (one larger than the other on yellow paper)

Step 2: Cut out a small triangle from orange paper to form a beak. Cut out two small circles from black construction paper to create two eyes. Glue to the two circles together to form the head and body of the chick.

Step 3: Squirt drops of glue onto the body and place feathers on the glue drops.

Step 4: Allow to dry and admire your Easter chick!

This idea uses potatoes for stamping a bunny impression.

Potato Bunny

Markers or crayons
Cotton balls cut in half

Step 1. Simply cut a small potato in two. One half forms the head. Cut the other half into half again for the ears.

Step 2. Using a paper towel, dry any excess moisture from the potato. Ink the cut potatoes with paint and then press onto paper to form head and ears.

Step 3. Add a fluffy nose (we used half a cotton ball), eyes and whiskers using a black marker.

Happy Crafting!!


Nikki said...

Aww Kim, don't you look adorable?
SURE you didn't mean to be in the picture---you look so thrilled!
The Easter Bunny can be one scary fella. Wonder why that is?
Maybe it's the big ears.....
Anyway, Happy Easter Kenwards!

Buffi said...

LOVE the picture!!! :) You look great with the Easter Bunny! (hee hee) LOVE the crafts too! You always amaze me with your ideas!!! Have a wonderful Easter with your family!!

Sarah and Jack said...

LOL Our Easter bunny looks exactly the same. However, I am quite lucky in that Jack has never been afraid of it. (Although last year we did have a massive tantrum while waiting for him to arrive.)

Tammy said...

Cute photo! At least Josie wasn't crying. I might have--Mr. Bunny looks BIG!

Shanna said...

Really cute!
I don't blame Josie for not being too crazy about the Easter bunny. He is kinda hairy and scary!!
I am partial to the potato bunny myself(:
Hope you are enjoying your time off from work!

redmaryjanes said...

Hmm...that Easter Bunny looks familiar. Eli didn't really like him last year. Tim and I both had to be in the photo.

Steffie B. said...

ok seriously......you need to put a book together.....Kim's Krafts....let me know when I can place my order.....and it looks like you have Josie in lock down so you can take that picture.....lol.....she looks like she is ready to run away fast from that hairy rabbit! ;)


Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

What a lovely smile you have posing with the Easter bunny!
Thanks for encouraging Josie-Tatum. She is checking her blog constantly, reading comments.
Have a blessed Easter,