April 2, 2009

Another Adoption & Miniature Treat Baskets

No, we aren't adopting again. I can't stop looking at the Special Needs lists, but this request is for my good friend, Steffie. Please, pray for the Beckering family. They are leaving for China on Sunday to finally meet their newest addition to the family. He's such a handsome little guy. Emma thinks he needs to marry Josie someday.

I can't wait to celebrate their "Gotcha Day". I pray that the transition of settling/attaching/bonding comes easy to Andrew. Safe travels, Steffie, David and Emmie!!!

Our weather for next week is suppose to be bitter cold and snow filled. Just in time for spring break! Here's a picture of the girls taken Thursday night decorating our little Japanese maple with Easter eggs. I'm betting by next week, this same tree is going to be covered in snow....sigh.

Today's craft features two versions of miniature treat baskets. I think these would be fun to have on your Easter table filled with jelly beans and chocolate treats.

The first one is very very easy. I promise.

Supplies needed:
Cupcake baking cups
Pipe cleaners
Hot glue gun
Easter grass
Easter stickers (optional)

Step 1. Take two different colored pipe cleaners and cut them in half. Twist together to form a half circle. This is your basket handle. 1 pipe cleaner makes 2 handles (after you've cut them in half).

Step 2. Use at least 2-3 baking cups to create the basket. Hot glue the pipe cleaner to the sides of the paper baking cup. Set aside to cool.

Step 3. Fill your basket with Easter grass and treats. You can even embellish your baskets a bit more with tissue paper ruffles or Easter stickers. Target has adorable Easter stickers in the dollar bins.

Basket Number 2.

This second basket is from a template I found online. You basically feed scrapbooking paper into your printer, print off the template, cut it out and glue together.

Supplies needed:

Paper (I used scrabooking paper but you wouldn't have to)
Easter grass
Easter stickers (optional)

Here's the template (click image to enlarge and print).

Step 1. Cut scrapbooking paper into a 8 x 11 sheet of paper and put in your printer.

Step 2. Print off the template and cut out with scissors.

Step 3. Fold and glue the edges of the template to form a basket.

Step 4. Fill your basket with Easter grass and treats.

You can even embellish your baskets a bit more with tissue paper ruffles or Easter stickers.

If you have a child's birthday party coming up, these little decorative treat baskets would be fun to use for your party guests.

Happy Crafting!!

PS. I did get x-rays on Thursday and I'm happy to report no fractures on my right knee. I just banged the heck out of it. Ice and elevation are a good thing. My computer tower in my office is a great substitute for a footstool (hee hee).

Have a great weekend, everyone.


Steffie B. said...

Thank you so much for your sweet post.....I am stressed beyond measure....but I know once I am on the plane things should calm down.....the craft baskets are amazing......you are too! ;)


Steffie B. said...

oh yes....and you header is just too adorable....I love it.....

Shanna said...

Oh my goodness! You actually made your own basket from a template??!! You are too much Kim! The baskets are beautiful!!
Thanks for the link to the family leaving on Sunday. What a sweet little guy they have waiting for them in China. I am so jealous! What I wouldn't give to be heading back to China for another little man. Can't wait to follow their journey :)

redmaryjanes said...

Love the baskets!
I am beyond thrilled for Steffie. Love that girl!

Sarah and Jack said...

These little baskets are darling. I have some nutcups stashed for crafting that would make cute baskets, but I never seem to have enough time. LOL