April 10, 2009

Easter Decorations Continued...

The girls decorated eggs this morning. It was Josie's first time and her nails and fingers are now a lovely shade of green and blue.

Big sister, Emma did the majority of the egg dying and they turned out lovely.

I decided the girl's Easter baskets needed a bit of embellishment. I added some pretty ribbons, cherry blossoms and a fuzzy pink chick to each one.

JoAnn Fabric & Craft's just recently opened up their superstore in Grand Rapids and I'm in heaven with all kinds of new ribbons and flowers. I figure I could have worse addictions than craft supplies (hee hee).

A few of you have commented "where" do we have room for all our crafts and holiday decorations. We have a sunroom that we added onto our house a few years ago and along the wall is a twenty foot shelf that gets new makeovers with each holiday (click on the picture to enlarge).

It's not the easiest shelf to decorate because it requires a step stool, but it certainly keeps little hands away from a few of my favorite antiques.

We also have a fireplace mantle in the living room and in our bedroom which gets seasonal makeovers. This hinged egg was purchased in Russia when Chris won a trip to Moscow to play hockey. The vase filled with daffodils was purchased in Nanchang, China which soon became our favorite porcelain shop) while we were in Josie's province.

Here's our white feather tree filled with all kinds of Easter trimmings.

If you need some darling Easter clip art to make a garland or to glue onto your Easter eggs, this blog has the cutest Easter clip art. I used her eggs and hot glued them onto dental floss to make this paper garland.

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful time getting ready for your own Easter celebrations. After mass tomorrow, we're heading to my parents to indulge in good food and our annual Easter egg hunt at their funeral home.

Wishing you and yours a blessed and spirit filled Easter Sunday because HE LIVES!

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