May 25, 2010

All things Rainbow!!

Over this past weekend, I worked on a special rainbow for Josie's upcoming birthday. Even Chris got involved on this craft project (like he really had a choice).

See this former post for my tissue paper/glue technique.

I've got big plans for this special rainbow. It's going to be suspended above the kitchen island and hang between two clouds. I just need to get Chris to help me with the hanging part. The clouds are done, but I want to unveil them after the rainbow is hung.

Over the weekend, I found out that my new favorite blog (Paper Glitter) has rainbow party templates available to download for free! These rainbow graphics will be perfect for Josie's party. Thank you so much, Linnette.

I'm planning on spending part of my Memorial weekend putting Josie's party decorations together. I have a four day weekend and can't wait to spend a few hours of it in my craft room. Boy, do I love that special room. I've got a collection of crepe paper and tissue paper just calling my name!

Happy Crafting!


Courtney said...

I am so excited to see all of this pulled together. Your girls came up with such cool birtday themes this year. I can't wait for my summer vacation to start so I can spend hours working at my scrapbooking table.

Kim said...

I soo wish I lived next to you ..
Love you tons..
love the new decorations ..

Jodee Leader said...

Your rainbow turned out soooo cute! At first, I thought it was a pinata! I bet you could easily whip up a matching pinata!

Can't wait to see more! Happy crafting!

Lee said...

You are so creative! Love seeing your party themes. Always a good time reading your blog!
Keep on creating and enjoy your long weekend!

Karin said... cute and amazing how you come up with this stuff! My sweet daughter is getting a pinata from Target for her birthday party. sigh....

Anonymous said...

Josie is most certainly the pot of gold at the end of your newly crafted rainbow!! Enjoy. Sherry

Jodi said...

Sooo festive!!! I swear I am going to show up at your door some weekend for hours of inspiration in your incredible craft room!