May 19, 2010

Pumpkins & Rainbows

Last year we attempted a small garden in a sunny opening in our wooded lot. The deer thanked us for all our tasty veggies. Despite all our fencing efforts, it was a horrible flop. We’re trying it again. We’re especially excited about our vegetable garden because of THESE.

Because THESE turn into THOSE!!!

If anyone has any deer repellent suggestions that aren't too harmful, please share!!

Thank you for all the wonderful rainbow birthday party suggestions. Keep them coming. I've got lots of ideas swirling around in my head now. The rainbow party excitement has already started with a pair of discounted shoes from Target.

And a new t-shirt from our local grocery store (thanks Aunt Michelle) along with a special rainbow painting. Party ON!!


Lee said...

Good luck with the deer repellant...they come right up to our house and eat the ivy! Bold creatures.
Wait until you see the pictures from the Symphony Showhouse in EGR! Went today with my sister and thought of you and your both would love it! I'll try to post pictures tonight...Lee

Sarah said...

Pee in your garden. It is supposed to keep the animals away!

Christel Ann Cook said...

We fenced everything... I hear irish spring bar soap, shredded and sprinkled around the garden works...

So the peeing in the garden doesn't seem to keep somebody away at our house... i frequently find little hole dug by something in the areas not covered right now...but all these recipes look interesting at the link below...

Good luck!!!

Christel Ann Cook said...

I guess i should clarify... the little boys around here think it is sooo cool to pee outside... we have no neighbors so no one has to see it happen!! hahaha!

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

we have issues with rabbits!!! They eat everything in our yard : (
How fun to plant pumpkins!!!!!

Kim said...

Good luck on the pumpkins..
Can't wait to see them.

Jodi said...

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Cindy said...

Hey Kim,
According to the movie, "The Rookie" human hair may work!?! You may want to look that one up!

As far as Josie's party, don't forget about those rainbow cupcakes Tori and I made from Family Fun. You may want to try the one from the website; they are much prettier than ours. And they have an idea for a rainbow cupcake where you layer colored batter. They are cute, too.

Hair and cupcake tips. . .What a combination! Ha!Ha!