May 27, 2010

I had no idea it was that easy!!

I've never made hair bows, but I figured it really couldn't be that hard. I just needed to find some decent instructions. I found the perfect blog (Glorious Treats) and she included step by step instructions for making curly ribbon bows. Even better, she had featured rainbow ribbons. Score!!

I used the same grosgrain ribbon that she demonstrated on her blog. I purchased mine at Michael's.

You want to know the magic secret for making the ribbon stay curly? You wrap the ribbon around skewers or dowel rods, securing them with wooden clothes pins, and bake them in the oven at 275 for 20 minutes.

It's seriously that EASY!!

After the ribbons have cooled, remove from the ribbon from the skewers, cut the ribbon into pieces 3"- 4" long and use clear nail polish to seal the ends of the ribbon from fraying. I then used my hot glue gun to keep the layers together and then attached to a ribbon barrette. Dollar Tree often sells ribbon barrettes in pairs that you could easily embellish with a few curly ribbons.

For a different variation, I also covered alligator clips with the same grosgrain ribbon using hot glue and attached the curled ribbon, topping it off with a felt flower in the center and jewel.

No sewing involved what-so-ever! Michael's has all the hair supplies in the same area as the ribbon. Now, grab those 40% coupons that you find in your Sunday paper (and online) and head to the store! Happy Crafting!


Courtney said...

Super cute. You are so talented! Happy Friday!

Kim said...

You are soooo talented..
you go girly..
love them..

Jodi said...

How do you figure these things out! Amazing!!! You are soooooooo talented!!!

Jodee said...

No way You make it look soooo easy! Those are adorable and will be the perfect accessory for a rainbow party!

Karin said...

OOhhhh...yay! I have always wondered how to get the curly ribbon so stiff. I am going to try it when I get some time! :)

PandaMom said...

You are so motivated and JUST DO IT!!! Happy Memorial Day Weekend! ; )

Shanna said...

So pretty!!!

Sean and Katherine Kelly said...

You are so crafty - I lack that talent! So, when I can, I go to craft fairs and festivals -always on the hunt for alligator clip bows for Nora, especially even more now that she says she doesn't want to cut her bangs - they are past the edge of glasses! BTW happy anniversary, that May 18 years ago seems like forever sometimes and other days I just can't believe it - love to all!

Glory said...

Thanks for linking to my blog. You did a great job on yours, aren't they fun to make? =) Looks like with two sweet girls in the house you'll have lots of reasons to make more!