May 11, 2010

Strawberry Salad & Mademoiselle's Party Menu

I haven't posted any recipes in awhile and now that strawberries are in season again, this salad is a favorite at our house.

Chopped pecans
Iceberg lettuce
Feta cheese, or mozzarella cheese, or blue cheese
Grilled chicken shredded or cut into strips
Poppy seed dressing (we love a local brand (Arnie's Fat Free Riviera Dressing) but I found one at that is close)

While I'm talking about food, here's the menu for Mademoiselle's birthday party.

As you can see, we're offering a few Parisian dishes, along with a couple of options that we know everyone will enjoy. Thanks Aunt Jean & Aunt Marion for offering to make the crepes and to bring so many other yummy treats. Just wait until you see the idea behind my Mother's Eiffel Tower cake. Too cute.

PS. Chris has located a couple of felt berets and beatnick beards for my nephews. I didn't think our nephews would totally appreciate all the pink decorations at Emma's party, but when I suggested they could have facial hair, wear hats and get pretend airline tickets & passports they were thrilled. Emma and Josie modeled their cousin's berets this evening.

The birthday countdown continues!!


Sarah said...

you are really very fun!

Jodi said...

This is so fun! I may have to get an airline ticket and come join y'all - I've always wanted to go to Paris! :) teehee!

Shelly said...

This is private for Emma (jk) Liver Pate'?

Aunt Shelly

Kim said...

OMW.. YUMMY.. Love it..
I LOVE salad.. I have one every day..

Linnette said...

OMG! I LOVE the menu! So yummy! I can not wait to see it all put together Kim!