May 18, 2010

Are you all partied out????

Thank you for leaving so many lovely comments on Emma's 12 birthday party posting. She loved all the attention. It was so much fun to see how many states (and countries) were represented. Too cool!! Did you realize that just when I'm finishing up with one birthday, we have 2 more looming (mine and Josie's)?? Emma and I actually have birthday's exactly 1 week apart and Josie's is less than 3 weeks away..eek!

I won't be doing any party decorations for my festivities (I'd rather ignore than I'm turning 42) but Josie has asked for a Rainbow Chinese party. You got it, sweetie!

Josie is turning 4 on June 1oth but we'll hold her party on the 12th. One of the items that she has requested is making our rainbow sprinkled chocolate covered fortune cookies (she'd put rainbow colored sprinkles on EVERYTHING if I let her).

I've got a list of things I've done for our CNY parties and I'm planning on using Paper Glitter again for Josie's party, but if anyone has rainbow theme ideas, I'd love know more about them. I'd like to avoid Wizard of Oz because she doesn't know that movie, but I'm totally open to any rainbow, games, decorations...etc! Leave me your rainbow ideas as comments!!

PS. I promise my blog isn't turning into a party planning blog, but I can't help myself right now. Too bad the party planning business doesn't pay as much as information technology. I'd be switching careers in a heart beat (smile).


Courtney said...

Sounds like you have lots of fun ideas swirling in your head. I can't wait to see what is in store for this rainbow party.

ww said...

Deleted my other comment since it posted on the wrong posting!

Hi! My 3 year old loves sprinkles and rainbows too. Coincidentally, I saw this post from a great party planning blog last night and will use some of the ideas for my daughter's 4th birthday party:
Can't wait to see your ideas, Wendy

Lee said...

Always a joy reading your blog...
Our visit today to your folks new home was wonderful! I see where you inherited your creativity~I came home brimming with new ideas! I want a new house! LOL
Enjoy planning your next party for Josie!

Jodee Leader said...

We are in the same boat -- all four of our birthdays are weeks apart! We party down all summer long!

Cute pictures! I will see if I can find some rainbow inspiration for you! I love sprinkles too!

Wife of the Pres. said...

Party planning blog? That would be fine with me! You really should have a craft/party/idea blog. Also, my SIL is like you in the party/craft dept. I've always told her she should market her party theme ideas. You should too. You could quit your day job for sure.

Have you seen the stuff available? Notsomuch. And if you donated a portion to say LWB, can you imagine how us APs would jump on this stuff?

A party in a box from KimK! I could just see the webpage now! :)))

Cindy said...

Oh what fun, another party in 3wks, HOORAY!

I can't believe that Josie is goin to be 4, how time just flies.

PandaMom said...

I would soooooo love to be a party planner with you! We could make for some super cute and coordinating events!! LOVE Chinese Rainbow idea! Going right now to see the 12th bday party pics! ; )

Anonymous said...

My mother made rainbow clouds when I was a kid. White satin cloud shaped pillows (small, thinly stuffed) with ribbons sewn into the bottom seam-- one blue, one purple, one red, one orange, one yellow, one green. The ribbons were cut so on one end of the cloud the ribbons were long and they got progressively shorter toward the other end. Very simply and fun to hang from the ceiling by a string. You could make them with fabric glue if you aren't a sewer.

Jell-o layered in deep glasses makes a lovely rainbow with a whipped cream cloud on the top.

Cut paper plates into rainbow shapes and let the kids paint their own rainbows-- glue cotton balls on the ends for clouds. They can also make finger print rainbows-- a different color ink on each finger tip.

Rainbow tailed kites make lovely decorations and you can expand on that and make kites at the party. There's a website with instructions on how to make 30 kites in 30 minutes-- a Hawaiian kite company does it for schools. I don't remember the site but you could google it. We did it a few years ago for my daughter's birthday. We prepped the kite stuff ahead of time and had the kids do the simplest parts at the party. The best part is the kites are so small that you don't need any wind to get them in the air-- the kids just run and the kites fly behind them.

What a fun birthday theme for a four year old!