August 21, 2010

Emma's Performance

We're so proud of all the kids that pulled off the musical "Jungle Book" in only 5 days.

We celebrated with ice cream after the show.

Emma and Rick, the Director.

Great job, Emma.


Kim said...

Great job Emma..
How fun..
I love it.. you really need to put some more of Emma singing..
her voice is breathtaking.
Thanks for sharing ..
Looks like a wonderful evening..
Have a great weekend.

Lee said...

Oh what fun! Terrific job, Emma!

Courtney said...

What a wonderful evening. I bet she had so much fun at the camp.

Anonymous said...

I always admire the self confidence it takes to perform in front of an audience. You did beautifully, Emma.....Sherry

Jodi said...

Awesome!!! Sooo fun!!

Shanna said...

So cool! Emma is one talented chickarita!!

Staci said...

Great Job Emma!!! Gavin had to watch it several times. We are proud of her!