August 12, 2010

I don't want to be alone...

I haven't blogged about Josie's sleep issues in a long time, but we've been battling the bedtime routine for the last three weeks. She loves sleeping with her sister (and/or Mommy & Daddy) and she got used to a bed partner while we were in a hotel room in FL and then sharing a room while in GA.

I honestly can't blame her. I don't sleep well when Chris stays up late watching a movie or is out of town traveling. We hear the same plea every night...."I don't want to be alone. Please sleep with me". Some nights, Emma gives in and offers to let her join her downstairs in her bedroom. Josie does the snoopy-dance of-joy for about 10 minutes and then she settles down to sleep with her big sister.

Once the school year starts, this can't happen because of the extreme time differences in their bedtimes and morning routines.

That first year that she came home and struggled with multiple surgeries and nasty night terrors, we coslept out of necessity. It lasted for nearly 8 months. This isn't nearly as bad. Once she falls asleep, she stays asleep. It's just the wailing, begging and crying prior to passing out that it is getting old.

We love you, Josie. You'll never truly be alone.


Courtney said...

Sorry you are having trouble with this. I will say a little prayer that this works out soon.

Sarah and Jack said...

Poor sweetpea!

I know it's cliche, but Jack is pretty motivated by sticker charts. Sticker charts got him to use the toilet, sticker charts get him to try new foods, and yes, sticker charts probably got him to get in his bed and go to sleep. The key with Jack though is that after a set number of stickers there has to be an enticing reward. I always heard about kids who were happy to pee for an M&M, but not my kid! LOL (We use a new lego toy most of the time.)

Jboo said...

Oh Kim -- those sleep things are so hard! We still have issues with sleeping alone at our house too! Hang in there -- I hear that it gets better by age 10! :)