August 19, 2010

The view...

Several folks had commented on our backyard with my last tree house update

and I thought it only fair to show the view surrounding the tree house.

The tree house faces the sunroom off the back of our house. We added this room onto our house seven years ago and it's our favorite room in house. This room tends to show up on the blog quite often. In fact, this is the room where my infamous Christmas/holiday tree permanently resides.

Behind the treehouse and to the right of the property is an area that Chris cleared of scrub brush. Eventually, this area is going to have wild flowers and a bench or two.

If you continue further back and through the woods, you'll come to an open sunny patch where our vegetable gardens reside.

Most of the time, you see a long garden hose running back to this area. Eventually, we'd like to find a way to hook up a permanent waterline to keep the vegetable gardens thriving.

This is one of the two vegetable gardens. If you look closely, you'll see the tall wire fencing to keep out the deer and rabbits. Next year, Chris has big plans to make it easier to access the garden. The fencing has worked, but it's definitely not easy to penetrate (even for the humans). I can't take any credit for the clearing of the woods, removal of the poison ivy, or the cultivating and planting of the vegetables. It's ALL Chris.

A little history about the yard...two years ago, we were able to purchase nearly an additional acre of land behind our house. Consumers Energy owns the remaining land and aside from the electrical towers and lines, it's undeveloped and full of wildlife. We live in a traditional subdivision with neighbors very close to either side of our house, but we now have a nice wooded lot full of lots of potential. Unfortunately, with all the high humidity and heat this summer, it has been terribly full of mosquitoes too. Boo!!

As you've noticed, Chris has BIG plans for this tree house.

Imagine the decorating potential at Halloween!!

Go Chris, GO!!


Lee said...

Wow! So lucky to have the opportunity to purchase the additional land behind your home. There are always challenges but wonderful results! Look forward to Halloween decorations!
Thanks for sharing!

Courtney said...

What a great back yard. I bet the girls have a great time playing back there.

Jodee Leader said...

You have a FABULOUS back yard! I am drooling over the extra space! Can't wait to see the treehouse all decked out for Halloween!

Kim said...

Chris is AMAZING..
Love your house and land..
How fun..
Love ya..
Can't wait to see the finished tree house.

Renate said...

What a great backyard. And the sunroom looks so nice. I too can't wait to see the treehouse decked out for Halloween!

Karin said...

That is awesome that you have such a great back yard! How fun for the kids to explore and play. I am in awe over the garden. :)

Priscilla said...

Spectacular blog! Any chance you and Chris would like to adopt me? Your home, tree house and land are lovely, as are your girls! Would you like some recipes for your blog? ;-)