August 7, 2010

So...watcha doin’?

Have you had a good Saturday?
My dad has been busy working on a special tree house.

Because I’m an indoor cat, I’ll never get to visit it…boo hoo.

My mom has been busy making jewelry and doing laundry.

So for now, I am a lounging…

mostly sleeping…

hoping someone will notice me.

Can you come and nap with me?

love, Penny

Oh... I'm suppose to tell everyone that the winner of the shell frame give-away is
4 Dragonflies 1 Ladybug.

Kim - Send my mom an email with your postal address.


Kim said...

I am super excited...
thank you sooo much..
I sooo cannot wait to get the frame..
I am going to have a hard time picking which one of my two trips I will put in it..
I sooo cannot wait to see the new tree house..
sending you an email..

Lee said...

Hi ya Penny! I would love to come nap with you...if you will let me chase you and get some playtime in! My older sister isn't much fun-she just swats at me when I try to have fun. A nap sounds like my kind of fun, too! Bob (the cat)
PS Going outside isn't as much fun as you think. Just the other day a mouse bit me back!

PandaMom said...

Do you make those necklaces yourself? My friend does make them herself and I love what she has done. Now I want to make one with a pumpkin!!! ; )