August 31, 2010

Random happenings...

Lots going on at my work. Fall start-up always runs me ragged running between campuses. Our niece is attending my University and it's so nice to have her on this side of the state. She even let us visit her dorm room. We love you, Jenny!

Chris is back at his elementary schools and Josie is back at her preschool/daycare full-time. I always love it when she brings home finger paintings. We got busy this evening transforming her painting into a pumpkin. It' never too early to enjoy a Halloween pumpkin.

Emma starts junior high next Tuesday. I'm still in denial that I have a 7th grader. Eek!

Chris has been sneaking in construction on the tree house as much as he can. It helps when my father and our neighbor are available to lend a hand.

I decided to let my hairdresser cut my hair short again.
I think I like it.

Everyone hanging in there?
I'm definitely living for the long Labor day weekend.


Jodee Leader said...

It sounds like you are keeping busy, and I love, love, love your new do!

I, too, am living for a long weekend! Whoooo hooo!

Kim said...

Sounds like always.. you are busy....
LOVE the new haircut...
Have agreat week..

Jboo said...

Love your new haircut too! You look so cute and so young! How can you possibly have a 7th grader!! :)

Hope you have a great Wednesday!


Nikki said...

LOTS going on in Kenward-land!
I love your hair, soooo cute!!
I can't wrap my mind around having a 7th grader! JUNIOR HIGH!! eeks....seems like I was just in 7th grade. Creepy.

Anonymous said...

Short hair is the way to go...looks great!!! Sherry

PandaMom said...

Is that a short new do you have??? SOOO DARN DARLING on you!!!!!!!!!!!! ; )