April 24, 2010

Come H*ll or High Water...

We have 80% chance of THIS for Sunday.

I don't care if we have to cover ourselves in garbage bags, my Mom, sister and I are still going to the Allegan Antique market. Actually, I decided with the weather predictions, here was my excuse to go buy those Liberty of London rainboots I've been coveting. Aren't they cute?

It's been five months since the Allegan Antique market was open and I've been counting down the months/days/hours.

Maybe the dealers will haggle with inclement weather?? One year, I got this children sized table/chair set for a steal. Chris and I jazzed it up with a bit of fresh paint and and my mother painted on a few pretty flowers.

It's the perfect setting for a tea party or sisterly chat.

I'm so ready for the hunt!!

If it's a good day of antique shopping, I'll show off my acquisitions.
Hope your weekend has been a good one.

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Courtney said...

Love those new boots. Have fun shopping!

Cindy said...

Rain? Phooie-Shmooie! Nothing can stop the ultimate antique fair gal!!! Have a wonderful time; you are going to be the height of fashion in those awesome boots!

Lots of raindrop hugs,
P.S. It's raining here, too!

Jodi said...

Ohhh how much fun we could have together! I love going on an antique hunt! :)
Love the boots! Sooo cute!

Kim said...

Fun Fun..
Can't wait to see your great finds..
Have a great day..hopefully it doesn't rain..

Karin said...

Those boots are SO you! Hope you were able to shop with NO rain! :)