April 19, 2010

Happy Heart Anniversary & Prayer Requests

This week I have a couple of special adoptive families who have children undergoing open-heart surgery (see bottom of this post for prayer requests). The timing is amazing because we are also celebrating Josie's 2 year heart anniversary. On April 22, 2008 we spent the day at the University of Michigan hospital in pre-op.

Josie would be undergoing surgery early the next morning for Tetralogy of Fallot. We spent the evening in a hotel outside of Ann Arbor holding onto her, praying, talking about the day(s) to come… unsure of what God’s plan for us was… or for Josie. In some ways, April 23rd is more important than Josie's gotcha day (if that makes any sense).

I remember barely sleeping that night, worrying whether would we be giving our daughter back to God. We hadn’t even been home a month from China and we were completely in love with this child. Chris and I were scared at the risks, but we knew the quality of life would be forever changed once her heart was repaired.

At 22 months of age, she was wearing size 9 month clothes. The simplest of activities (even eating) caused her to pant and become short of breath. Her lips and toes would often turn blue. Sleeping was less than a pleasant experience…picture constant spinning around in my bed and crying out all night long. Chris often referred to her as our little clock.

This surgery was going to be the beginning of a new life for her. It was everything she deserved.

God gave us our miracle the next day. He healed Josie’s heart through the work of an amazing surgeon (Dr. Ohye) and medical team.

See this post for details on her hospitalization.

Two years have passed and unless you knew her prior to her surgery, or saw her chest scar, you’d never know that she was once so very sick.

This week
We thank God for the gift of life!
We thank God for the gift of Josie!
We especially thank God for the incredible medical team at
Mott Children's Hospital!

Please continue to keep this family in prayer as their daughter Jiliang
undergoes open-heart surgery Tuesday morning.

I also ask that you keep this family in your prayers. Their son Andrew undergoes open-heart surgery on Thursday this week.

Blessings to all the families who have chosen SN adoptions.
It's amazing life-changing journey.


Cindy said...

happy "early" gotcha/family day. I can't believe how fast time flies with these little ones.

Cindy said...

You are such a special little girl who has brought such joy and love to your forever family. I have watched your amazing transition to a beautiful, happy, healthy, and vibrant little girl. Yes, your surgery was essental, but a loving mom, dad, and big sis was part of the cure, too.

Happy Healed Heart Day! Know that you have touched mine with that big smile of yours...

Much love,

Melinda said...

What a journey it has been for your family and little Josie! It is so wonderful to see Josie so happy and healthy!

I will be praying for the families whose sweet kids are about to undergo surgery. I vividly remember the different emotions I felt before Mia's surgery and of course her recovery was not the easiest. My heart goes out to any family who sits in the PICU holding their child's hand and praying for their recovery so they can live the life they deserve!

Lee said...

My prayers are with you and your family as you continue your happy life! I also send special prayers to your friends to help them through their journey.
Hugs, Lee

Jodee Leader said...

So happy to hear Josie's heart is healthy again! How scary!

Hope you have a great week!

Jodi said...

What a miracle Josie is! And we will join you in praying for these other little ones - so precious!

I have been busy lately -but just saw your post on the Tender Tea! Sooo cute - and I was just thinking of what to do for Mother's Day! Thanks for the tip!

Nikki said...

I can't believe it's been 2 years already! Seeing the change in her is amazing. And, no, I don't think I ever would believe all she's gone through if I hadn't "been there" from the beginning. Such a blessing.

I pray that the other 2 families have as great a result as yours!

Sara said...

What a beautiful day to meet you and celebrate! Delighted to meet you today. .

I hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a refreshing place to take a dip in God's goodness.

Splashing for His glory,

PandaMom said...

What a miracle your family is to your sweet Josie!!! Thanks for the link to Steffie, too. I didn't realize his surgery was this week! ; )

Steffie B. said...

Thank you so much sweet friend....I had forgotten that the surgeries were only a day apart....I'll keep you posted.


Karin said...

Happy Anniversary to you all! It's so amazing to see the before and after photos of sweet Josie. Sooo thankful for Mott's and the wonderful staff there. They are AWESOME!!

Staci said...

Happy anniversary, what a blessing!!! Hope your busy week is going well, and yes, how did Emma become old enough to be in junior high!!!

Wife of the Pres. said...

"In some ways, April 23rd is more important than Josie's gotcha day (if that makes any sense). "


Happy Heart Anniversary (though a bit belated) to Josie from Susannah and her Mommy!!!