April 18, 2010

Sunday Snapshot and & Prayer Request

For my prayer warriors, I've got a special request. Please keep this family in your prayers. Their daughter (Jiliang) will be undergoing open-heart surgery at UofM Hospital on Tuesday. She's a precious little girl who just came home from China with a complicated heart.

She's in the best hands. Her surgeon is the same one we used for Josie nearly 2 years ago (Dr. Ohye). We'll be celebrating our 2 year heart anniversary on Thursday of this week. I remember how important it was to know that others were praying for my daughter. If you can leave them a comment on their blog knowing that you are thinking of their daughter, it would be reassuring.

Have a blessed Sunday.


Kim said...

Will be thinking of the family.. thanks for letting us know.
Have a great Sunday..
love the photo of the girls..

Angela said...

I will add my prayers.

Staci said...

Love the pictures of the girls!!! Thinking of the family as they go through the surgery