December 21, 2008

Bathing with a Cast & More Snow!

I have to give two special Mommy's a lot of credit for creative bathing when their own children were in casts recovering from surgeries. Robbie and Verna, thanks for all the prayers and tips.

Let's just say that bathing isn't nearly as fun for Miss Josie when you can't get your arm wet. Instead of a 20-30 minute bath of splashing fun, it's a quick dip and hair scrubbing and then we're out again. During bath time we're protecting her cast first with a bread bag and then covering it with a long sock. Emma has been amazing with all the help that she's provided as a big sister. She's been super at assisting me with Josie's dressing, bathing and feeding duties. You are an awesome BIG sister. We love you so much!!

In other news, the snow and wind continues in West Michigan. Here are a few shots taken this morning of the drifts on our deck and out the front door and around the bird bath. The shot on the deck really doesn't reflect the one drift that is nearly 3 1/2 feet tall.

In addition to a sore hand, Josie continues to battle her chest cold and a slight fever, which makes for some very fussy moments. Her awful sleeping reminds me of our time together prior to her heart surgery (lots of thrashing and crying throughout the night). Despite our unhappy tantrum moments, she still a trooper and we're seeing improvement.

Stay warm everybody. Only 4 days until Christmas!!


Steffie B. said...

glad things are going least for the most part.....can you believe this snow????? My grapevine lighted dear are just about buried beneath the snow....wishing you and your family and wonderful Christmas holiday....

Robin Miller said...

Those of us in the warm south are living through you snow bunnies!
It's 70 degrees and rainy today in NC---not very "Christmasy".
Emma, you are one sweet girl! Are you sure you're not really one of Santa elves? I know your parents appreciate all of your help, and your little sister does too.
Merry Christmas, Kenwards!

Anonymous said...

If you get the newspaper delivered, the plastic bag is the perfect cover for the cast for bath time....just use a rubberband on the top.....or a large hair scrunchee to hold the bag on.

Tammy said...

The snow is beautiful! I'm happy you found a way to keep Josie's arm dry at bath time. Hopefully she will be feeling better soon!

Stay warm!

Truly Blessed! said...

Oh...the snow! And the wicked, bitter sure looks a whole lot like winter around here (and today is just the first day of the season!). Nice to be indoors on days like these.

What a wonderful helper you have in Emma, good job, big sis!

Hope your little one is feeling better in time for the big day -- she certainly looks cheerful for someone who is uncomfy and sick to boot!

Angela said...

I'm glad things are going well. But that last comment scares me to death. Is it rally only 4 days to Christmas? Ick, coming down with the flu the week before Christmas was not well timed!

Miss Scarlett said...

Bless her little heart!!!...and yours! I prayed for you, but am just now getting around to blogging. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Our Family Blog said...

I just cannot believe all the snow you've gotten!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! And you guys were able to get out and go to the gardens?!?! WOW!! If someone spits on the road and it freezes here...everything shuts down after the grocery stores are raided for milk and bread. We would absolutely go nowhere...but be like you and very stir crazy!!! I know yall must be having fun with it though!! Looks like you'll have a white Christmas all right!! How awesome!! It makes is so Christmasy!!! I hope you guys have a wonderful time! I'm continuing to pray for you guys and for Josie. Looks like you are adapting, improvising and overcoming the challenges! You go girl!!! :) Have a great night. Can't wait to see pix of the train!! How fun! Talk to ya soon!
Love ya,