December 19, 2008

Feeling a little yucky, but loving the snow day

After breakfast, Josie had a harder day on Friday. She was battling an ongoing fever, yucky cough and a hand that hurt like the dickens. I actually peeled back the mesh cover on her sling to make sure her fingers weren't swollen and forgot all about the pin that was sticking right out of her new thumb. It kinda scared me for a second.

She's one tough little girl. We've put her through so much in just nine short months with open-heart surgery and now corrective hand surgery. Chris and I both said she has a high pain tolerance that we will never have. God love our sweet little girl.

After the snow storm finally stopped, we had just a little over 11 inches of new snow. It's lovely and puts us even more in the Christmas spirit. It doesn't hurt that Chris and Emma got to start their Christmas break early. I'm glad Chris doesn't mind shoveling or snow blowing snow. The news is predicting another whopper of a snow storm for West Michigan on Sunday. Bring it on!!

While Josie was napping this afternoon, Emma and I managed to squeeze in one more Christmas craft. Do you remember wooden clothes pin angels from elementary school? We a made a variation of these cute little angels using wooden cutouts that I found at Meijers.

You'll need the following items to make this craft: wooden clothes pins or wooden cutouts, paper doilies, a fine tip marker, glue, paint, small brushes, pipe cleaners and any other embellishments like sequins or glitter.

Step 1: Paint the hair on the clothes pin top and allow to dry. We used yellow, brown and black hair to make three different styles of little girl angels.

Step 2: Use a fine tip maker to create eyes and a mouth. I used the end of one of our paint brushes and dipped it in pink paint to make tiny pink rouged cheeks.

Step 3: Take the paper doily and fashion a dress around the wooden clothes pin. We folded the paper around our cutout and then used Elmer's glue to keep it in place. To create a belt, we used a sparkly pipe cleaner around the waist of the angel.

Step 4: Embellish the angel with more glue, glitter and sequins. We even used some of my left over silk flowers from the Chinese ornament project.

Aren't they cute?

Here's to hoping that our Saturday is a fever-free day for Miss Josie. Please continue to keep her in your prayers.


Leslie said...

Hi Kim, So we are headed to Eastern PA soon and are hoping for some SNOW there too!!! Right now they have plenty of it and we are hoping it stays that way. We *rarely* get snow down here and it sure doesn't pile up like that!

You know, I am so sad that Susannah will have to go back to the hospital (tentative date: march 9) and I am terrified she is going to be so angry with us now that she *knows* what it is. Do you think Josie has done OK with that part? I need to email you so you will have my email! DUH!

Well I wanted to tell you too that my Dad has two LARGE pins in his wrist and it is very hard for me to look at them. Of course, he keeps them covered up but he likes to show them off too. I can just imagine it would be hard to see this on your baby! HUGS to you!!! Hoping for a good day for Josie tomorrow!

Nicole said...

Hang in there Josie!!! Enjoy the snow and continue taking pics of it... we surely won't see any down here!! It'll probably be near 80 again today.


Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Okay, I'm jealous of the snow, but the recovery from surgery.
I remember well the first day after surgery was the worst, but each day did get better...the pain becomes more manageable...the emotions soften, both baby's and mama's. ;)
Praying for you now, and will check in later. I pray to hear of less pain and NO fever.
Blessings from warm south Georgia,

Robin Miller said...

Enjoying looking at all of that SNOW----wow, if it snowed like that here I think everything would be closed for a month!
So glad that Josie is handling the pain okay. She is so tough! I think both of our China girls are made out of something that we just don't have.
I'm praying that the fever and cough will go away, and that she will be pain-free very, very soon.
Play in that snow for us---it's going to be over 70 on Christmas Eve here. Yuck!
Love ya,

Nikki said...

Oh, so sorry to hear that Josie's feeling yucky. Eww, seeing that pin in her thumb gives me the shivers! What a tough little cookie.

Well, we got the icy part of the snow storm. My parents' electricity went out Friday at 5 am and STILL isn't on. Thank goodness they have a fireplace.
We're warm and bright, but looking forward to some snow now.

Cute craft too!