December 4, 2008

Look what came in the mail!!!

Today is December 4th and Tales of Beetle the Bard became available and it arrived at our door step. For Chris's 40th birthday, I bought him the collector's edition of the book. It's quite lovely.

My husband is a huge Harry Potter fan. HUGE is actually an understatement. He actually spends his lunch hours (with his coworker Scott) reading Harry Potter out loud during recess at his elementary school. His narrations even include the voice changes of the characters. He's THAT dedicated (I love you sweetie). He's even been known to dress in character (see Dumbledore below).

Happy reading, honey.

PS. To be fair, here's a picture of Josie enjoying her Red Fish Blue Fish book.


Steffie B. said...

that is great.....Love his the last picture the best! Little Miss Josie is just so cute.....can't wait to talk to you today.....I hope you will end my week on a positive note. ;)

The Young's said...

look at you and your new blog look!!! i SO need to change mine!!! What a nice present for you to get Chris. It's always great to find just that perfect gift, isn't it?!?! You did a great job!!! Love Josie's pic too!!! Hope yall have a great weekend! Mark and I get to celebrate our anniversary tomorrow! We're so excited about having a date!!! whoohoo!!!! Talk to you soon...

redmaryjanes said...

Ooooh, I am loving those ladybug ornaments!
We have some big Harry Potter fans here too. Very cool book.

Your blog looks fabulous!