December 7, 2008

Party fun & Santa Claus

Our family attended the Chinese Culture Group of Greater Grand Rapids Christmas party on Saturday. It was fun to finally meet Kelly and her family (thanks for sending the cute pictures of the girls). The food was yummy and Santa even made an appearance at the party.

Josie wasn't all that worried about Santa (it helped having big sister Emma with her) but she wasn't thrilled to wait her turn in line to greet Santa.

Here's a short video of Josie's first encounter with Santa. Ho, ho, ho!!


Kay Bratt said...

The video is great and I LOVE my socks! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Truly Blessed! said...

It was such fun meeting you, your hubby and your darling girls yesterday (and again today!). What fun.

I have SO many pictures of today. I'm sure I'll be sending many on to you tomorrow. For now, though, I've got a giant tree calling my name!


Steffie B. said...

Darling....I have yet to attend this event.....perhaps next the blog....this is the best...keep it for is darling....trying to stay positive with the COP issue....I just find the conflicting info so odd.

Tammy said...

What cute photos of the girls! I can't believe how long and thick Josie's hair has gotten--it's beautiful.

I'm glad you're enjoying the season. :)


The Young's said...

I LOVE to see Josie's excitement!! And Emma...she just reminds me so much of our Sophie!!! We are blessed to have such helpful big girls, aren't we?!?! Looks like you guys had a great time. It's so wonderful to be a part of an FCC group!!! LOVE your new blog look too! Look at you getting so creative over here!! :) Hope you guys are getting off to a great week!!

Beverly said...

love the header!

kerri said...

What a wonderful Christmas get together, happy holidays!

Mike and Barb said...

I'm glad you have these opportunities in your area!! Josie looks so healthy, and looks like she is having a blast!
Love, Barb

Susan said...

The girls are precious! I can't wait until we can join you for some of these activities next year! While we were at the mall on Saturday, Roger was wishing we could take our Maiya to see Santa. All in due time.

Thanks for sharing!


Leslie said...

Great video! And your ability to do all these craft projects AMAZES me. I am creative and all but Oh my! I really want to do those tress though. I am thinking with my sister and my Mom though not my children LOL! The boys love some crafts but I don't know about the trees. Miss S is just not focused enough yet. We have made some simple ornaments. Please keep us updated on Josie's surgery. Will be praying. I want to email but just have not done it. I have your address and hope to chat more soon! ;)