December 22, 2008

Trains - A Tribute to Papa

This video taken at the Frederick Meijer's Gardens yesterday is what started it all at home Monday night.

Chris's father retired from CSX railroad a few years back and gave Chris a CSX model train set. After seeing how excited the girls were with the trains, Chris dug it out and set it up on the dining room table.

This is a picture taken of Emma and her cousin Quinn when they were four years old. They were visiting one of Papa's trains.

While Chris was painstakingly putting the tracks together, Josie set up her own train on the kitchen floor (note the diaper box she's using as a chair).

I'm thinking I might need to sneak out to a toy store and see if I can find any additional train supplies for my husband between now and Christmas (shhhh...our secret).

PS. In Josie recovery news, Josie has a new nickname. Instead of Josephine, she's Josescream with an emphasis on the scream. Whew. She's throwing temper tantrums and swinging that cast (when it's not in her sling) like you wouldn't believe. She's certainly adjusting to being without her hand, but it's not been perfect (which our pictures tend to show otherwise). Josie's been getting up every night between 2-4 times screaming. It feels like her open-heart surgery sleeping all over again. Santa's going to have to be sneaky when dropping off gifts. Josie just might be up when he arrives!!!


Truly Blessed! said...

Oh, so frustrating about the recovery process -- especially about the sleeping/waking issues. Praying that this will resolve itself and she'll start sleeping through the night starting TONIGHT!!!

Love the trains. Sure wish we'd known you were going to FM Gardens, we haven't been yet this Christmas season and still hope to go (maybe tonight?) -- it would have been fun meeting you there.

Crazy winter weather we're having, no? It sure looks a whole lot like Christmas though!

redmaryjanes said...

I have been thinking about a train for under the tree this year.

Little Josie looks like she's making the best of things.

Give her a big hug from us.

Our Family Blog said...

OH...bless your hearts!!! I know it has to be SO HARD for Josie not being able to use her arm/hand. and it's equally as hard on you guys!! Maybe Santa can come up with something really creative. He has to for us as well! It's worked for a few years now! !:) WHEW!!!

LOVE the pix of the trains. How fun...and what great memories and traditions you guys are making!!

Have a wonderful Christmas!!! Love ya,

Steffie B. said...

Beautiful the new nickname for Josie....poor baby....thinking of you....

Merry Christmas sweet friend....and after the New Year.....and get together is a MUST!