December 12, 2008

Handprint Tree Craft Project #6 & Josie's Surgery

Next Thursday (12/18) Josie will undergo corrective hand surgery at Devos Children's Hospital to remove her extra thumb on her right hand. Considering how well she recovered from her open-heart surgery, I'm hopeful that she'll adjust quickly to her cast and being limited to one hand for five weeks. I'll be using our blog to communicate updates. Please keep Josie in your prayers. This little girl has been through so much in the nine months that she's been part of our family.

I wanted to somehow find a way to preserve her extra thumb in a picture and remembered a craft that we used to do in elementary school. This cute little Christmas tree is crafted out of handprints. You'll need green construction paper, scissors, glue, a pen for tracing, sequins, markers or buttons for decorating the tree. I also used brown construction for the tree trunk and yellow construction paper for the star on top of the tree.

Step 1. First, I traced the girl's hands. I even included my hands and Chris's hands in this project. You will need ten hands for this handprint Christmas tree.

Step 2. After I traced the hands, Emma and I then cut out the hands. Notice Josie's extra thumb in this tracing.

Step 3. We began assembling the tree. We glued together four hands for the bottom of the tree. On top of that we glued three more and continued working our way up to the top of the tree.

Step 4. I then added a trunk to the bottom of the tree and a star on the top.

Step 5. You can decorate your tree with all sorts of items. We are going to finish up the tree with sequins and buttons left over from our button tree project.

This project is such a fun an easy craft, you could actually make several different trees to share with friends and family. Happy Crafting!!


Matt and Laura said...

Hi Kim,

Wanted you to know that my family will be praying for Josie's upcoming surgery. We have a friend here in town who has gone through this surgery with all 3 of her boys. They all did extremely well.I enjoy seeing all of the pictures of your beautiful family. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and I pray that 2009 will be filled with God's blessings for your family.

With Love, Laura and Matt Gower

Steffie B. said...

very creative.....aren't you just one snazzy little wonder I like you so much! *wink*

Kay Bratt said...


The project is very sweet. When Josie is grown and looks back to this memory, she will appreciate the knowledge that her 'extra' thumb was treated with love and compassion from you; rather than the probably distaste about it she received in her birth country. I will keep her in our prayers.


Shanna said...

What a terrific idea! AND a perfect way to preserve that sweet little thumb. We have been praying for Josie and will continue to through her surgery and recovery. She will do great!
Have a splendid weekend :)

Tammy said...

What a cute craft--especially so you can remember Josie's pre-surgery hand. I will be praying for her next week!

Our Family Blog said... are just amazing! What a GREAT idea...and a WONDERFUL way to have the memory of Josie's little extra thumb! I LOVE IT! You are just so creative!!! We are praying for Josie and for you guys! Your family is just so strong and resilient!! you all will do GREAT!!! Please keep us posted as you can! Thanks again for sharing all these wonderful craft ideas. I think you need to publish a book with all these great ideas in it. I'm sure you have even more that would be great too!!! Have a wonderful weekend!
Love ya friend,

Jill said...

We will keep Josie and your family in our prayers!!
Love the project, what a sweet idea!!

Mike and Barb said...

Great idea!!
I'm confident that Josie will do just fine, and so will you!!! I have a couple of little ponchos that I bet would fit Josie, they are too small for Nina now. That would be something that would keep her a little warmer without having to mess with sleeves. Let me know if you're interested, and I'll mail them to you right away.
Gosh, I can't believe I'm just now thinking of this!!
Love, Barb

redmaryjanes said...

I love the trees, they are so cute! We would be happy to come and visit Josie at the hospital if you think that would be good for her. Just let us know. :)

Robin Miller said...

I'm praying for Josie, Kim! My girls and I have enjoyed watching your craft series, and have actually tried several of your great ideas.
Merry Christmas!