December 19, 2008

Day after Surgery & Snow Storm Updates

Josie was a very sleepy little girl last night. She slept on either my lap or Chris's lap most of the night. When she wasn't sleeping, she was eating.

Chris slept with her last night and he did get up a couple of times through the night to give her pain medication, but she actually did much better than we expected.

This morning, she's insisted on feeding herself and has requested chicken rice soup and a green Popsicle for breakfast.

In other news, we have had a wonderful start to our Christmas break. West Michigan is under a major snow storm and both Chris and Emma have had their schools closed for the day. Their Christmas break officially started today. Woo hoo!


Karen said...

What a wonderful morning grin!
Chicknen and Rice soup, huh? Too cute. We are snowed in here in Detroit, too!
Have a great snow day!

redmaryjanes said...

I am so glad to hear that all is well with little Josie. Tell her Eli sends big hugs to his friend.
I tell you, this is quite a storm! I made it in to work late and will probably head out several hours early. The snow just keeps coming!

Mike and Barb said...

And our kids are wishing for a little more snow here - but only more COLD is expected *sigh*
I'm glad Josie did well her first night with cast, and she sure looks happy in her highchair :-)
Love, Barb

Caroline said...

She looks amazing! I am so glad things are going smoothly. You are constantly on our minds and in our hearts! xo, The Schaefer Family

Our Family Blog said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! I cannot IMAGINE that much snow. OH HOW I WISH we could have some down here for Christmas. I think it's suppose to rain...pray that it will get cold enough for us to get some snow. There's just something about it!! I LOVE looking at your pictures of it...and of Chris and the kiddos hanging out around the house. It is SUCH a relaxing feeling!! Josie looks like she feels GREAT!!! Praise God. He is so faithful to answer our prayers!!! You guys are going to have a GREAT Christmas!!! Thanks again for the beautiful ornament!! Love ya, buffi

Truly Blessed! said...

Man what a snow we had!

How wonderful and what a blessing that she was able to sleep well last night. And good thing her appetite wasn't affected, too.

What a beautiful little girl you have there. So sorry she has to wear the cast for five fun!