December 18, 2008

Post-Surgery Updates

Our day really couldn't have gone any better. She was evaluated by several hospital staff before they cleared her for surgery.

Once in surgery, her procedure only took an hour and 15 minutes. The longest part of our day, was her waking up from her sleeping medication and being alert enough to come home.

We're now home from the hospital and Josie is safely tucked with Emma in a chair enjoying a movie and eating a green Popsicle.

Josie keeps telling us her arm is "stuck". She hates the sling, but overall is doing much better than we expected. Thank goodness for pain medication.

Our next appointment with the surgeon is scheduled for December 29th. She will be in her cast for at least five weeks. I'm hopeful that she will sleep tonight, but we definitely are planning on sleeping on the floor next to her for several days.

Keep those prayers coming and thank you for all the comments and personal email.


da mom said...

Oooo, she looks so cute just sleeping after surgery. Love the pink fuzzy on the cast. Hope your night goes smoothly. Will be thinking of you.

Nikki said...

Wow, I just caught up on everything you guys went through. Thank God it's all over and Josie is home again.
She looks like she's doing really well. What a trooper!
The pink fuzzy 'cast cozy' is too cute!
Hope you guys get some sleep tonight.

Mark Pullen said...

This is great news -- thanks for keeping us all posted!

Susan said...

We're so glad to hear things went well! We'll keep the prayers coming, and hope you all can get some sleep tonight. You must be exhausted!

Sleep tight!
Susan & Roger

Shanna said...

SHE LOOKS GREAT!!! My computer has gone haywire today....which has also made me go haywire worring about Josie. I finally got a connection and I am so happy to see her smiling face.
Don't worry too much about her "stuck" arm. Kai had double arm restraints for 4 weeks after cleft palate surgery. He got used to them very fast. Once I took them off, he would bring them to me and ask for them to be put back on!!!
PTL everything went so smoothly today!
Big Hugs~

Anonymous said...

OMG, Josie just looks like you. Similar hairstyle and the big eyes! Good luck and Happy Christmas!

Jill said...

Why is it that the pic of her hand with the X on it makes me tear up?

SOOO GLAD to hear Josie is home and doing well. Hope you all get some sleep tonight. You all are in my prayers!


Nicole said...

YAY Josie!!! You're such a brave little girl... and you're mommy is super brave too! So glad everything went well. Oh, and chopsticks work really well for getting at the itchies... I had finger to shoulder cast when I was in 6th grade (right when my parents finished getting the pool built - ugh!).


Kay Bratt said...

Oh Kim,

I am so glad but so sad that she had her surgery. I am scared for her that she will begin to feel the pain. I know you know this--but remember to keep on top of the meds even before she starts to hurt! Bless her heart, she looks like such a little trooper. Keep us updated...


Tammy said...

I'm so happy to hear the great report! Hoping you have a peaceful night and Josie has a quick recovery.

Anonymous said...

congrats to your little angel. she is beautiful.

Bob W and family

Kristy said...

So glad to see that Josie's doing so well! She's blessed with such a loving family to take care of her. Hope you're all able to get some sleep after your very long day.

Our Family Blog said...

OH Kim...I am SO GLAD that you all are doing well. I thought about you all day!!! I know Josie will get frustrated with that cast...but the time will pass by before you know it!!! Glad that everything went well.

I got the ornament you sent today! I was THRILLED to get it. It just made my day. It was so special to get something from a bloggy friend! I posted about it tonight and gave you a "shout out"! You guys did an amazing job on that. Did you come up with the idea yourself? it is SO CREATIVE!!! I just LOVE IT!!!!

Better go. Hope you all rest well!!! We're praying that Josie recovers quickly!! Love you guys! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Cindy said...

Love the pink fuzzy cast, we are glad she is doing well after surgery. sleep well.

Mike and Barb said...

Can she look any more adorable?????
I'm so happy to hear that everything went well, I hope this is it for a while now for the Kenwards :-))
I also got my ornament today - it looks so cute on our tree. With Elia's birthday and school programs, it was the total Mayhem around here, so I have not been able to show it to Nina yet (well, I would have been ABLE, but totally forgot!)
Thanks you so, so, so much!
Love, Barb

Steffie B. said...

I am so glad she came out ok....I've been thinking and praying for you all.....keep us posted.


Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

I have remained in prayer for you and for Josie. Our daughters are MUCH tougher than we are.
If she is like Ellie, once the initial pain is better, she'll just accept the cast as part of life!

Ellie has just begun to complain about her brace. She can stay out of it for 12 hours at night, if she doesn't stand up. Well, last night, after bath time, and after warnings...she stood in a saucer chair to reach the top of a shelf. I had to put the brace back on her.
Oh, how hard she cried and cried. It broke my heart to do that, but I knew it was best for her. And, she needed to learn that she CANNOT stand until the doctor says it's time.

I'll keep checkin' in,

Leslie said...

YEAH! LOVE the smile on her face; that says it all!

Truly Blessed! said...

So glad everything went well for sweet Josie in surgery. Man, she looks so cute in those pictures!

I have to laugh at the "X" on her hand -- I understand why they make patients do that, but sometimes it's quite ridiculous, anyway.