December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning

I'm happy to report that Josie had a peaceful night of sleep and didn't disturb Santa. Big sister Emma was more than eager to assist Josie in opening presents. As you can see by the pictures, having only one hand hasn't slowed down Josie with toy playing.

And this is only the beginning...we are so blessed!!


Doublebanker said...

Looks like they were thrilled with their gifts...the little sling is also cute. Kids are still sleeping here, I'm excited for them to open their presents. Beautiful family you have!

Leslie said...

These children are so resilient! We would be much more whiney with all they go through! You know my Dad's pins are quite the sight and I am proud of him for how well he has handled it all.

I am guessing you are so thankful in a way that Josie has so many distractions while her hand is healing. It is kind of nice in a way. When S has her surgery, hopefully she will handle it as well as Josie!

Oh and on the snow, we are heading to west PA and are hoping to enjoy playing in all of their white stuff too! Wish you were in east MI and maybe we could visit!

have a wonderful Christmas today!!!

Nicole said...

Merry Christmas, dear friend! May you have a wonderful day as a family of four!!!


Matt and Laura said...

So glad to see that Josie was able to open her presents. It looks like you guys had a wonderful first Christmas as a family of 4. Praying for all to continue to go smoothly with her recovery.

Laura and Matt