December 5, 2008

Holiday Craft Series Project 4 - Snowflakes

I was going to wait and post this Saturday morning, but we've been under a snow storm advisory all day and we're doing our annual snowflake Christmas tradition this evening. This next craft project is inspired by one of our favorite Christmas movies, "elf". For the last several years, we have a family tradition of sitting on the floor, cutting out paper snowflakes, eating loads of popcorn and drinking hot chocolate. In one of my favorite scenes of the movie, elf decorates the department store with an elaborate display of paper snowflake chains. This craft project is our own version of elf's paper snowflake chains.

For this project you'll need computer paper, scissors, a stapler and wide ribbon. I usually purchase a white decorative ribbon with a wire edge from Michael's.

Step 1. If you don't know how to fold paper snowflakes, a great website with templates that can be downloaded is A+Paper snowflakes for Children. You can even print off templates and cut around their designs to make stunning snowflake patterns. Fold and cut about 50 snowflakes.

Step 2. Take the paper snowflakes and staple them onto the ribbon.

Step 3. In years past, we've even used decorative paper (pastel blue and pink looks stunning) to cut our snowflakes. You can even use glitter glue and embellish the flake design to give it alittle more "kick".

Step 4. Drape the snowflake ribbon around windows, hang from a ceiling, or other areas of the house.

Another really EASY way to create a snowstorm indoors, is to use white round stickers and dental floss.

Step 1. Attach the adhesive side of the sticker onto the dental floss and place a second sticker over top the floss and first sticker.

Step 2. Space out the stickers on the floss and then hang in varying lengths from windows or ceilings.

For my southern blogging friends, I think your kids might enjoy having a little bit of winter indoors. Last year, my nephew even had a polar bear winter inspired birthday and we used the snowflake chains to decorate his birthday party. My blogger friend Barb had created a magnificent birthday cake for her son that was snow themed and my mother duplicated the cake. It turned out wonderful and might be a fun way to enjoy your snowflakes. You'll notice the cake has candy canes, trees and foil wrapped polar bears on top. Too cute and super yummy. I know elf would approve of this sugary treat.

I'll be posting my next craft on Monday and it's another Chinese themed ornament. Until then, happy crafting!!


Nikki said...

We just watched Elf last Friday. We LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie!
Next year, we're coming to watch it with you!! You guys have too much fun!

Sera, Brady and Nathan said...

Wow Kim you are way too crafty. I love all these great ideas. You and Emma must have a good time together making all these crafts.
Sera and I will have to try doing one of your crafts.

da mom said...

So Cool!! I was looking for something that Mya and Noah could do and this fits very well. We can just toss them and make new next year. My kind of decorations.

I have added you to my bloglines so that I can follow your little one's surgery. Did you ever find the socks?? I wonder if they are from Wal Mart?

Cindy said...

What awesome craft projects. I have been behind on your blog until I heard from Kathy. Great ideas for me to do next year...We just celebrated the girls "gotcha day" which I will try to post some pics soon.
Happy wintery holiday!

Robin Miller said...

My week has been a busy's now 12:08 a.m. Sunday morning here in NC and I just had to read what I've missed this week! Wow---you never cease to amaze me. I am just in awe of not only your creativity but your ability to do all of this and write about it. You truly are my hero.
Happy Snow Day----I think we'll just have to try Emma's snow dance.