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February 28, 2011

Josie's Visit to the new Children's Hospital

Josie's cardiologist has moved into the new Helen Devos Children's Hospital and I have to say that the building is absolutely beautiful. Even the walkway from the parking lot to the hospital is impressive.

Prior to becoming a school social worker, my husband worked at the hospital as a medical social worker and we were both impressed Monday afternoon walking around the new building. It's full of lots of interactive artwork and feels almost like a children's museum.

I'm happy to report that there are any major changes since her open-heart surgery in April 2008. She's now 33 pounds and 42 inches tall. She's gained 3 pounds and grown nearly 3 inches since last year's appointment. Dr. Lacina is pleased that her echo appears stable and that her energy-level remains high (that's an understatement...she never stops MOVING).

She continues to have quite a bit of back flow through the valve back into the right ventricle and eventually she will need to have this valve replaced. Josie has Tetralogy of Fallot and you can click here to find out more information on this condition. Her valve replacement isn't anything that needs to be done right away. Her cardiologist keeps hinting that she probably wont' need this surgery until she's a teenager. I couldn't be happier with Monday's appointment.

Just look at this little face nearly three years ago.

Yes. I'd do another special needs heart adoption in second.
We're not adopting again.
But it's an amazing life-changing journey for the better.


Thinking spring...

Chris bought me this bunch of tulips when he picked up a bouquet of roses for Emma’s weekend theater performances.

Even though winter is still going strong, my dining room table is filled with a bit of spring.

Happy Monday!
We're visiting Josie's cardiologist later this afternoon.

Fingers crossed for a good appointment!

February 25, 2011

Way to GO, Emma!

Friday evening's performance of Aladdin was outstanding.

We're so proud of Emma. Cameras were not allowed during the performance, but I couldn't help myself and we did get one shot of Emma on stage.

Two more performances are scheduled Saturday.
The singing and dancing was just wonderful.
Josie is in now love with Aladdin.

Great job, Emma!

Feel free to show her a little love with a comment or two.


February 24, 2011

Emma's Aladdin Debut & Give-away Winner!

It's almost time for Emma's Aladdin debut! They've had late rehearsals this week in preparation for their big shows. She has 1 performance Friday night and 2 performances on Saturday. We’re so proud. I hope we can get decent pictures to share with you. Forgive my blurry cell phone pic.

Drum roll please.....Josie has selected Cindy W from Snip, Snails and Ladybug Tales for my vintage tray/magnet give-away.

Have a fabulous soon-to-be weekend!


February 23, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday...

If you are interested in a vintage lap tray, leave a comment on this post by 2/24 by 6pm and tell me if you'd prefer a red or tan tray (all trays have red geranium decals in the center).

I'm even throwing in 3 clip-on earring magnets.


February 22, 2011

Everybody is doing it!!

Many of my favorite blogs are featuring vintage trays as decorative wall hangings. Be sure to check out My Vintage Mending on this post for how she's displayed them in her studio. Her whole studio is just delightful!

Imagine my joy when I discovered all these nifty trays at my favorite thrift store for a $1. I've had these in my possession for awhile but was waiting for just the right moment.

Using my favorite glue (E-6000) and some costume jewelry, I turned one lap tray into magnetic board and used a few clip-on earrings to create vintage decorative magnets.

I attached a beaded necklace with the same glue to the back of the lap tray to hang it on the wall but you could use 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips to adhere your tray to the wall.

To make the earring magnets, I removed the clip-on backing with pliers and then added a drop of E-6000 glue and then the magnet.

If you didn't have access to clip-on earrings, you could use buttons, scrabble pieces, or even plastic drink monkeys to make some creative magnets.

Because the thrifting stars were aligned and I came home with a stack of trays, I am giving away 1 tray along with 3 special clip-on earring magnets. No strings attached. Just leave a comment on this post by 2/24 by 6pm and tell me if you'd prefer a red or tan vintage tray (all trays have red geranium decals in the center). You could even use chalkboard paint and cover your tray to make a nifty magnetic chalkboard!! This might even be fun in the kitchen to hold favorite recipes.

Past give-away winners are always welcome.
I love giving away my creations as much as I enjoy making them.


February 19, 2011

This and that...

The snow has returned in full force and the latest predictions include an ice storm too.

As much as I love snow, I am eager for pastel and signs of spring.
I realize Easter is many weeks away, but I started pulling out items in my craft room.

In my world, it's never too early to start crafting for the upcoming holidays.

Did you notice that the latest issue of Flea Market Style is available?

I wish this magazine came out more often.
It's such a treat.

Emma's Aladdin performances are this coming weekend and she has extra rehearsals every night this week. Emma also gets her lower braces later in the week. Josie also visits her cardiologist for her sixth month check up. It's definitely a busy week of juggling work, doctors appointments and family fun.

Have a good week ahead.

February 18, 2011

Bieber Fever & Friday Fun

You know what?
I actually enjoyed the Justin Bieber movie.

We even saw it in 3D.

Trying to take self portraits with the cell phone backwards isn't easy.
In each attempt, I thought we were BOTH in the shots. Oops.

After our shopping adventures at the mall, Emma and I indulged in a few of my favorite antique/thrift stores. I came home with all kinds of goodies.

I just love the graphics in the party book.

The hatbox luggage is going to be cleaned up and used for storage of craft supplies.

I stayed up late giving face-lifts to a couple of my new half aprons.

All in all, a good mother/daughter day.

I might even have a bit of Bieber Fever.
Shhhh...our secret.