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March 31, 2010

Easter Finery...

I made the girls model their Easter dresses tonight so that I could get some photos developed to bring to Nana's hospital room on Friday. Too bad I didn't get them to pose together.

Spring is definitely in the air. I can't wait until things green up outside. Only one more day of work/school until spring break. Yippee!!

March 30, 2010

Cute as a button!!

I have a good excuse for you to buy candy with my latest craft. And for those of you who are 40+something, it might just bring back some fond memories. Growing up, my grandmother used to give us button candies. We could always count some type of special candy to be in the corner cupboard of my Grandmother's kitchen.

(Grandma and me December 1968)

Let's face it...half the fun of eating this candy, is trying to peel the little candy buttons off the paper without eating any paper.

I recently came across these candies again when I was at World Market for $1.49 for 4 strips and snatched them up for Easter treats. I've also seen these candies at Michael's and in some Dollar Stores. I found this template for bunny peeps online and made several copies using blue paper. I then covered a paper gift bag with my paper cut-out bunny peeps.

I then cut off the existing handles of the paper gift bag and replaced them with a strip of the candy buttons on the inside of the paper bag.

I promised a less feminine version of an Easter basket. Now, isn't this fun? You could also use button candy to decorate birthday gift bags and as little handles on candy cups.

Happy soon-to-be Easter!

March 29, 2010

Party Hats, Paper Baskets & Dollar Store Fun!

Did you know that if you visit my craft room, you get to wear a party hat...JUST BECAUSE?

I figure, everyday is like a party in my craft room. I made these hats last year for Josie's birthday. They came six to a bag and were found at my local Dollar Tree Store. I took apart the hats and covered them with scrapbooking paper and my famous crepe paper ruffles.

See here for party hat instructions. Josie wore her party hat last weekend to help decorate paper Easter eggs for Nana's hospital room.

In case you need any last minute Easter basket ideas, I found this paper Easter basket at the Dollar Tree. I really like the flower paper, but felt it was missing something.

All it needed was a bit of crepe paper, some trim and my trusty tacky glue.

I can't wait to help the Easter bunny fill these baskets.

If you've got boys, I've got an idea for decorating an Easter basket that's a little less feminine. Stay tuned and happy spring!

March 27, 2010

The big reveal...

The girls actually slept ALL NIGHT together. We didn't hear any sounds until 7am.

The transition of the girls sleeping in separate rooms has gone smoother than we anticipated, but I know Josie appreciated being back with her bed bunk partner Friday night.

As promised, here's the big reveal of Emma's new bedroom. We're still missing two cupboard doors (under the window seat) but it's officially done. Here's where it all started...


Bookcase & Storage

Collections & Additional Storage

Window Seat


Dresser and Doll Collection

Bed & Night Stand

I'm sure you can imagine why Emma enjoys spending so much time in her new room. We're really pleased with how it came together.

PS. Can you believe it's nearly Easter? I've got some last-minute Easter crafts coming up in a few days. These bunny ears were a dollar store purchase and embellished with a few silk flowers and a pink chick using my trusty glue gun. Anyone else ready for spring break? We've got only 4 days next week of school. I can hardly wait!!!

March 26, 2010

Will they...or won't they???

Chris and I drove across the state and back home again to visit Chris's mom in ICU. Tomorrow, they hope to move her from ICU to the regular part of the hospital. Eventually, she'll go back to a rehabilitation center for intense physical and occupational therapy. Keep those prayers coming. She's been through so much with her congestive heart failure and this latest valve surgery. She doesn't resemble a 68 year old woman anymore. She's aged so much these last 6 months. We love you, Nana.

This evening the girls have decided to do a sleep over in Emma's new bedroom. This is a picture of them "actually" sleeping at 11pm. Emma's there, she just prefers to sleep under the covers.

Will they, or won't they make through the night in the same bed? I also promised Emma to finally do a tour of her new bedroom on the blog. Stay tuned and sweet dreams...

March 24, 2010

I {heart} these itty bitty cookies...

As I was getting ready to put together this post, I noticed most of my recent recipes contain chocolate (see here or here or here). Get ready. Here's another!! Last Saturday, we went to World Market where I found these cookies.

Aside from the cute factor and the $1.99 price, they are really yummy.

I thought they might be fun to use for an Easter dessert. But after putting these together, I've decided that I will eat cupcakes and chocorooms anytime.

I covered cupcakes with green icing. I even used my icing tips so that it looked it bit more like grass. By the way, my mother informed me that JoAnn's has edible Easter grass. Josie then covered the icing generously with sprinkles and the final touch was our chocorooms.

Yum!!! And oooh so cute!!

March 23, 2010

Nana Surgery Updates

Good news! My mother in law is back in ICU. It was 6+ hour surgery to repair her tricuspid valve and they are now keeping her sedated overnight. She has quite a bit of recovery time ahead of her, but she made it through a very complicated surgery. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. They are much appreciated.

We love you, Nana!

March 21, 2010

Prayer request...

We spent Sunday driving across the state and back home again to visit Chris's Mom at the University of Michigan hospital.

Her surgery is scheduled for 7am on Tuesday. I'm calling on all my prayer warriors. Her valve replacement surgery is a multiple hour surgery. It's complicated and she's been in and out of the hospital and a rehabilitation center since November. She's not a strong woman anymore, but she's tough. The doctors aren't hiding the risk factors from our family and we're all a little scared. We were told this morning that if all goes well, she will be at the University of Michigan Hospital for around a week and then she will go to a rehabilitation center for additional recovery time.

Please pray for a successful surgery and recovery. We also ask for for peace of mind for Nana and my husband's immediate/extended family. Despite our fears, we have the utmost faith and confidence in the medical staff at the University of Michigan hospital.

We love you, Nana.

March 20, 2010

Wanna know a secret?

Who would have guessed that this kind of weather...

could turn to this kind of weather just a few days later. Only in West MI!!

Last year I bought a gingerbread bunny cottage kit marked down after Easter for about $2.

Wanna know a secret???

Did you know that if you make the royal icing too runny and you don't have any extra powdered sugar in the house, that a hot glue gun works too? Hey, not everything I make turns out perfect. I figure - we’re not going to eat it anyways. Why not bring out the glue gun and scrapbooking paper? We still had a wonderful time filling it with icing, candies and sprinkles.

While I'm focusing on all things sugar, I have to share my latest shopping deal. We have an ALDI next to our local Target. I popped in and found these gorgeous chocolate foil Easter candies for $1.29 a bag.

I bought 2 bags (1 bag full of chicks and 1 bag full of rabbits). I don't even care if they taste icky. They are just so pretty to look at.

I hope you're having a sweeeeeeeeeet weekend!
We are (even if there is snow on the ground again).

PS. Chris's mom was admitted Friday (as planned) to the University of Michigan hospital. Her valve replacement surgery is scheduled for Tuesday at 7am. Her last heart hospitalization ended up being quite involved with a move to a rehabilitation center and being away from home for several months. We're hopeful that she's physically stronger this time. I need my prayer warriors to start those prayers now.