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June 29, 2014

More new old treasures for the cottage!

I had hinted on Friday's post, that Chris and I have been hitting up estate sales here and there in search of things for our cottage and have come across lots of great kitschy campy stuff.
 We’re going with a woodsy knotty pine theme, rather than a typical water theme, due to the interior design of the a-frame.
After a very quiet estate sale winter, it’s been a welcome change to have so many estate sales to pick from.
I’m really picky when it comes to estate sales.
It’s got to be old stuff.
 And it’s got to be priced well.  Cheap.
 My favorite ones are held at houses that are literally stuck in time…preferably the 1950s.
 I hope you found some treasures of your own this weekend.
I'm on vacation this week from work (yippee)!
We hope to spend all our time cleaning and making trips back and forth moving into our cottage
Chris and Josie tested out the fishing and the water on Friday when they were there with the electrician. 

 Josie approves.
Happy "almost" July!


June 26, 2014

Estate sale heaven and rehabbing vintage board games!

Last weekend, Chris and I attended two amazing estate sales. 
The kind that Magpie Ethel (Laurie) seems to find on a regular basis. 
 I promise to share the rest of my amazing stash in a later post. 
 A stack of vintage board games came home with me for .50 cents a game.
They were in the basement and covered in dust.  With a bit of cleaning and repair, they are like new again. Aren't the graphics wonderful?

Chris had commented that the colorful bingo box top reminded him of his mother who faithfully found bingo halls no matter where they traveled on vacation.  I decided that in her memory, I would do something special and so I color copied the bingo box top before adding it to a vintage picture frame.

My framed bingo art is now temporarily on my living room mantle.

Another board game is also framed and two of my favorite Magpie Ethel patriotic figurines are joining the party.

Eventually, my framed board games will end up on the wall in the downstairs of the cottage where there is a family room.

 The board games triggered the rest of the mantle being made over in time to celebrate the 4th of July.

With everything focused on rehabbing and moving into the cottage, I wasn't going to bother this year decorating the mantle, but I'm glad I did.

By the way, Chris and Josie will be spending the day at the cottage on Friday with the electrician.

I can't wait to visit with cleaning supplies in hand first thing Monday morning!

Happy "almost" weekend!

June 25, 2014

Collecting and rehabbing furniture for the cottage!

Now that school is out, Chris has been busy sanding and painting furniture acquired from estate sales for our a-frame cottage.    
Many of you had asked me questions about the location and timeline of the cottage. 
It's 45 minutes away, located on a 755 acre all-sports lake in the Newaygo area. Although we closed last week on the property, we officially take possession on 6/30.
There's a chance the current owner might be out sooner and I'll admit that I've had fantasies of  helping him pack up his stuff. 
The cottage has been the same family since it was built in 1965.
Although we have a list a mile long of all the things we want to redo, we'll be taking it slow.  
Electrical and flooring is first.  Goodbye shag carpeting!
It's getting real, friends!
 Can't wait to get in there and make it our own!

June 23, 2014

Lots of reasons to celebrate!

Aside from our real estate news, we've had three other special events over this past week. 

First. Emma got her driver's license!
 Another huge milestone to check off the list!
Second.  My father received a very special award from the Superintendent of Greenville Public Schools.
He's an amazing man who despite his very busy schedule at his funeral home, still finds time to be actively involved in the Greenville community and the Education Foundation.
  So proud of you, Dad!

Third.The girls finished up a busy week at Families for International Adoption Heritage camp.
 Emma was a classroom volunteer again in Josie's class. 
It was another fabulous experience at camp!  

Thanks for the great pictures, Kelly!

PS.  Can't wait to share all the estate sale purchases that Chris has been rehabbing for our cottage.  

He and I hit several fantastic sales over the last couple of weeks.