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November 30, 2012

Ready for the weekend...

Doesn't it always feels like an extra long week after coming back from a holiday? 
 Enjoy the weekend.

November 29, 2012

A stroll through my Christmas village...

My Christmas tour continues with more tiny treasures.  This time, I'm featuring my collection of  houses and miniature elves that are currently residing on my living room fireplace mantle .

 Most of the houses were estate sale putz houses that received fresh makeovers with a bit of new paint and lots of glitter.

I've mixed plastic houses with putz cardboard houses.
Erica's home is busy with elf activity.
My mother made this little church several years ago.  I love the flocked roof.

This winter wonderland is made up of lots of white felt and frosted garland.   Such a happy little Christmas village.

November 28, 2012

Playing in the kitchen...

My miniature toy stove has found its way onto my kitchen counter this Christmas season.

The collection of Santa's and the pink bottle brush wreath were estate sale finds earlier this fall. 

A vintage bottle brush tree fits nicely inside my miniature dollhouse baby carriage.

Just a little holiday playing.  

November 26, 2012

My latest addictions...shadowboxes

Over a month ago, Meri from ImagiMeri's Creations sent me a generous package filled with all sorts of supplies to construct  a very special Asian-themed shadow box.  The shadow box is a cigar box.  Pure genius.

Also included in my special package were salt and pepper shakers, originally owned by her grandparents.  I promised to take good care of them.

Because of Meri, I've become addicted to making shadow boxes out of cigar boxes.

The frames that cover the cigar boxes, are from the Dollar Tree.  Painted white and coated in glitter, they become the perfect covering.

Over Thanksgiving break, I gave my sister and mom their own special Christmas-themed shadowboxes.  My sister has two boys and I thought she'd appreciate the two little drummer boys ornaments.

My mother received a shadowbox filled with sweet little mice.

Two girls and two boys, each representing a special grandchild.  They are perched on top of presents and glittery poms poms.

 I even made one for myself filled with all sorts of vintage goodies.

Thank you for the inspiration, Meri.  Looks like I'll be collecting cigar boxes now.

November 23, 2012

I'm starting small with my Christmas decorations...

  Christmas has come to the keystone dollhouse. 

PicMonkey provided the indoor snowstorm.

I hope you are finding time to play this holiday weekend. 


November 22, 2012

In case you're at Target...vintage inspired $1 snowmen!

I'm not a black Friday shopper, but just in case you visit a Target in the next few days, you might want to check out their Christmas decoration aisles. These adorable miniature snowmen are only $1.  

 They stand only about 2 inches tall.

They aren't in the $1 dollar aisles.  Head back to their ornament section.

The decorating possibilities are endless.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy Shopping!  Happy Christmas crafting!!

November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving blessings...

According to Josie's 1st grade homework, she is thankful for the weather...especially snow.    
It's hard not to get sentimental thinking about Thanksgiving.  We will have two empty seats with the passing of  Chris's mom and my beloved Aunt over this last year.  On this Thanksgiving, we will count our blessings and celebrate memories.

May you and your family find peace, safety and comfort during this upcoming holiday season. 

PS.  Thank you for the wine aprons, Tricia (Thoroughly Modern Me).  They will be dressing up our Thanksgiving table.  I will happily raise a glass in my Aunt's honor.  Cheers!

November 18, 2012

My weekend finds...

Before we gave into our weekend chores, Chris and I managed to sneak to a nearby estate sale early Saturday morning. It was the third day of the sale and everything was negotiable. I wasn't sure if I'd find any vintage holiday items, but I managed to come home with a few goodies.

2 mini Gurley turkey candles!

1 Chinese Checkerboard for my craft room collection.

1 box packed full of Christmas ornaments

A basket filled with an assortment of Christmas goodies

1 vinyl car carrying case...perfect for Josie's lalaloopsy car

One of my favorite $2 treasures, was this magnetic letter board. 

Perfect for practicing spelling words and crafting messages!  Happy almost-Thanksgiving!  Happy short work-week!