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August 26, 2016

College Adventures!

Thank you for all the kind words regarding the death of my father in law.   Each night, we keep expecting the phone to ring and for him to ask about in our latest West MI happenings.  It's going to take time.  Sigh.
In the midst of sadness, we are also celebrating major milestones... such as Emma's move to college!
On Monday, we transported a very full van to the GVSU Allendale campus.  Her dorm room is apartment style and it's pretty darn amazing!  Thank you Jenny (our awesome niece) for suggesting that Emma request her former building.
Emma is living with her best friend.
They have a private bathroom.
Decent floor space.
And a mini kitchen.  Yes!  They've successfully cooked a few mac-n-cheese meals already!
Josie has had fun visiting and checking out her big sister's college desk/study space.
It's been a week of new transitions for everyone.
Josie has missed her big sister like crazy and Emma's cat (Luna) continues to sit outside of her bedroom door each night waiting for her to come home.

Overall, we're so excited for Emma's new college adventures.  She's going to do amazing things!  

Go Emma, go!!!  Welcome freshmen GVSU class of 2020!

August 16, 2016

A big loss...

I've been absent from blog land.   My father in law died last week. 

My husband had spent the last several weeks traveling back and forth across the state and living out of hotel rooms to be closer to the hospital, but none of us really thought he would be really gone from our lives.  73 is much too young.  
I have to share part of the obituary that my husband wrote.  Leonard Kenward will be remembered for his giving nature, his generous heart, and unwavering wish for all of his children and grandchildren to be happy and successful. 

He was a constant thread in all of our lives and was the first person we went to in times of struggle, need, or great celebration. His presence and daily involvement in all of our lives will be greatly missed. 

We anticipate Heaven to be filled with lots of golfing, plenty of fishing, daily video poker, reminiscing with those who have gone before him, and lots and lots of laughter. 
Goodbye, Papa.  We love you lots and lots.