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May 31, 2010

Memorial Weekend Treasures!

It was humid and HOT on Sunday for the Allegan Antique fair. Even though my van registered 90 degrees, that didn’t stop my mom, my sister and I from venturing out to find a few treasures.
It's official. I now have a Chinese checkerboard collection. Here’s my latest acquisition.

Aren’t the colors great? I just love the dragon!!

I picked up these buttons with the hope of decorating some barrettes, covering a picture frame, and attempting to make a button bracelet.

I also added a tin measuring cup to my growing collection of children’s cooking dishes.

I’m also going to show off a couple of treasures from the April Allegan Antique fair that I just finished putting my final touches on. This cupboard now hangs in our beach bathroom. It’s filled with Mackinac Island memorabilia and a few of my favorite beach items.

My mother gave me the bathing beauty figurine for my birthday. I think she is just lovely in our bathroom.

Last month at Allegan, I picked up the Fern Bisel Peat storybook. Chris gave me the wooden rabbit toy for my birthday and the stuffed rabbit I’ve owned since we were first married. She’s clutching a tiny quilt. My sweet rabbit collection is proudly displayed in my craft room.

I loved every second of my four day weekend (I wish I had a K-12 summer schedule at my University...I could get used to this stay-at-home thing). Just wait until you see all the rainbow decorations I put together Saturday afternoon for Josie's upcoming birthday!! I hope your upcoming week brings you some treasures!

May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

In honor of Memorial weekend, here's a bit of Red, White and Blue.

Some of you probably recognize this Christmas tree. It was my Chinese New Year tree and my Easter tree and Emma's Paris tree. It's now become our patriotic tree. Target is selling flags and metallic stars in their dollar bins. I printed off vintage postcards from the web and added crepe paper ruffles and some glitter.

Hope everyone has been having a wonderful weekend!

Thank you to those who have lost their lives serving our country.

PS. Despite the 90 degree heat, I had a fabulous time at the Allegan Antique market with my mom and sister. Goodies to be unveiled later. My craft room is happy.

May 29, 2010

How we celebrated our 18th Wedding Anniversary...

Today is our 18th wedding anniversary and Chris and I are looking forward to spending some alone time on our deck after the girls are in bed. We sat in the same church that we were married in this evening for 5pm mass (actually Chris stayed home with Josie because her asthma is acting up) and I couldn't help but think of how quickly these 18 years have passed.

We didn't exchange gifts, cards, or go even go out to dinner alone at a fancy restaurant. But we did spend the ENTIRE day together as a family.

Happy 18th Chris!


Someday (maybe our 20th) we WILL figure out a way to have a romantic get-away without the girls. I promise.

I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful weekend with your families. Tomorrow (Sunday), I'm heading to the Allegan Antique market with my mom and sister. This month, I'm leaving my rain boots at home. The weather is 100% perfect! Bring on the treasures!!!

May 28, 2010

Sweet Peonies

I have been patiently waiting for my peonies to bloom.

Aren't they sweet? (Josie is pretty sweet too).

This is one of the bushes that we transplanted from my grandparents home.

May 2001
(if you look carefully, you'll see me with a much shorter haircut
and a
2 year old Emma).

I wish Chris and I would have taken more of their plants when we sold their home nearly nine years ago. Chris and I bought my grandparents home after they died and lived there for five years. When jobs forced us to relocate, we left a gorgeous brick ranch, lots of memories, and many beautiful plants behind.

Our peonies sit next to our garage and every time I walk by, I am reminded of my sweet grandparents.

(Grandma and me December 1968)

(Grandpa and me April 1970)

We'll be spending part of our Memorial weekend outside planting. I know my grandparents would approve.

May 27, 2010

I had no idea it was that easy!!

I've never made hair bows, but I figured it really couldn't be that hard. I just needed to find some decent instructions. I found the perfect blog (Glorious Treats) and she included step by step instructions for making curly ribbon bows. Even better, she had featured rainbow ribbons. Score!!

I used the same grosgrain ribbon that she demonstrated on her blog. I purchased mine at Michael's.

You want to know the magic secret for making the ribbon stay curly? You wrap the ribbon around skewers or dowel rods, securing them with wooden clothes pins, and bake them in the oven at 275 for 20 minutes.

It's seriously that EASY!!

After the ribbons have cooled, remove from the ribbon from the skewers, cut the ribbon into pieces 3"- 4" long and use clear nail polish to seal the ends of the ribbon from fraying. I then used my hot glue gun to keep the layers together and then attached to a ribbon barrette. Dollar Tree often sells ribbon barrettes in pairs that you could easily embellish with a few curly ribbons.

For a different variation, I also covered alligator clips with the same grosgrain ribbon using hot glue and attached the curled ribbon, topping it off with a felt flower in the center and jewel.

No sewing involved what-so-ever! Michael's has all the hair supplies in the same area as the ribbon. Now, grab those 40% coupons that you find in your Sunday paper (and online) and head to the store! Happy Crafting!

May 26, 2010

A taste of summer...

It's turned HOT and we're loving it.

Our yard is coming alive (thanks to my husband).

We're finally feeling confident that we can put our window boxes together and the frost won't kill our plants.

I can't wait to see how our garden looks in long as those pesky deer stay away.

I can't believe Memorial Weekend is just days away.
I'm so ready for a four-day weekend!!
How about you...any special plans?

May 25, 2010

All things Rainbow!!

Over this past weekend, I worked on a special rainbow for Josie's upcoming birthday. Even Chris got involved on this craft project (like he really had a choice).

See this former post for my tissue paper/glue technique.

I've got big plans for this special rainbow. It's going to be suspended above the kitchen island and hang between two clouds. I just need to get Chris to help me with the hanging part. The clouds are done, but I want to unveil them after the rainbow is hung.

Over the weekend, I found out that my new favorite blog (Paper Glitter) has rainbow party templates available to download for free! These rainbow graphics will be perfect for Josie's party. Thank you so much, Linnette.

I'm planning on spending part of my Memorial weekend putting Josie's party decorations together. I have a four day weekend and can't wait to spend a few hours of it in my craft room. Boy, do I love that special room. I've got a collection of crepe paper and tissue paper just calling my name!

Happy Crafting!