May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

In honor of Memorial weekend, here's a bit of Red, White and Blue.

Some of you probably recognize this Christmas tree. It was my Chinese New Year tree and my Easter tree and Emma's Paris tree. It's now become our patriotic tree. Target is selling flags and metallic stars in their dollar bins. I printed off vintage postcards from the web and added crepe paper ruffles and some glitter.

Hope everyone has been having a wonderful weekend!

Thank you to those who have lost their lives serving our country.

PS. Despite the 90 degree heat, I had a fabulous time at the Allegan Antique market with my mom and sister. Goodies to be unveiled later. My craft room is happy.


Lee said...

Cute decorations on your tree! I found vintage looking flags at American Sampler on Thornapple River Dr. near 28th St/ Cascade.

Looking forward to hearing about the treasures you found today!

Kim said...

Love the American Tree..
You are sooo creative..
Have a great week..

PandaMom said...

LOVE your decorating-for-all-events-tree!

Oh---TARGET $1 section?--I'll be posting some pics within the next few days of PG in some hats I got in that section and it was worth ALL whopping $3 dollars I paid for them!! I know you'll love them! Have a great holiday! ; )

Cindy said...

Josie's hair do reminded me of your great post the other day. I just knew there was an easy way to make the curly hair bows. Thanks for doing the investigating! You can bet I will be making some this summer!

I love the American tree. My poor mantle is still dressed in my Spring and butterfly decor. I really did intend on dressing it in red, white, and blue before I left. That will have to be on my list when I get home!

Have a wonderful day off tomorrow. I know that you all will have lots of great family time in store.

I am glad your craft room is happy with your purchases!

Jodee said...

Love your tree! Hope you have a great Memorial Day!

Jodi said...

love your tree and the post cards are so sweet!

Karin said...

I love the vintage sentiments on your tree. Feeling weepy today...

Sarah said...

I want to go get my christmas tree out of the basement right now!

Shanna said...

Your patriotic tree looks great! And the girls look so adorable :) better brace yourself for ATL temps!! Maybe I can get a kiddie pool before your visit. hee, hee.