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May 28, 2016

Getting crafty for graduation

We've been busy getting our house and yard in order for Emma's senior graduation open house.  Last weekend, we hauled 15 yards of mulch.
It's my least favorite thing to do, but the flower beds and our backyard woods do look all nice and tidy again.

Emma wanted something different to use for picture boards to display at her upcoming open house.    Chris found a couple of screen doors at a local thrift store and after painting them, he removed the screen and replace it with chicken wire.

Tiny clothes pins found at the Dollar Tree attach the photos to the chicken wire.
The doors are hinged together so that they can stand up.

Because I needed a glue gun fix, I ended up making a bunting to hang across the doors.  I think it turned out really neat and Emma has been having fun going through photo albums to find pictures to hang on her doors.

Although she doesn't graduate until June 2nd, her school held a senior assembly this past Thursday.  What a beautiful event and the weather was perfect for outdoor photos.  

It's nonstop celebrations right now.

May 20, 2016

A new holiday for my year-round tree!

My long time followers know that I have a year-round tree that stays up in my sunroom.
 In years past during the month of May, the tree has been decorated with various birthday themes.
This year, my tree is celebrating a brand new holiday...Emma's senior graduation!
We're so proud of all her accomplishments and wonderful friends.  

Between all her sports, marching band, student committees and retail job, she's been a busy and successful young lady.
Graduation officially happens June 2nd but until then, we've been celebrating all sorts of special senior events.
We're so proud of you, Emma!  

May 11, 2016

Backyard magic

Over the weekend, my sister gave me several new toadstool solar lights for my backyard gnome garden.  

I also found a pair of mini plastic flamingos at Shopco (rumor has it they are also available at Camping World and some Dollar Tree stores).

With all my new backyard accessories, the gnome house and all the plantings received a good spring cleaning.   Yes.  I might have taken some of these pictures in my pajamas. I realize I am a dork and it's a good thing that my gnome garden is in the backyard woods and that only a few birds and small creatures witnessed this photo shoot.  

I promise to try and catch up on blog reading.  May is my hectic month of faculty development and spring semester classes.  I haven't had much blogging time lately.  Don't give up on me!