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February 29, 2012

Unexpected surprise...vintage sewing cards!

A stop at my local mission thrift store produced an unexpected surprise. Just look at this darling box of vintage sewing cards! It's filled with alphabet letters, numbers and a few special graphics.

Doesn't she have the sweetest face?

Here are a few of my favorite cards.

A lovely unexpected find.
I think I just might need to frame a few of them.

February 28, 2012

Crafting Companions...

While Emma had a algebra exam study session going on with four of her friends in our kitchen Sunday afternoon, I had a couple of little companions with me in my craft room.

Josie was busy playing with her plastic cowboys and Indians while Luna enjoyed a cozy cat nap.

I had picked up this yellow pom pom fringe on clearance at Hobby Lobby and was anxious to find something to do with it.

My lamp and kitchen valance were the lucky recipients of mini makeovers.

I've got tons of it left. Be careful if you come visit my house. You must might end up with some yellow fringe attached to you!


February 27, 2012

Cabin Fever...

Over the weekend, I found another little wooden cabin to add to my collection.

It all started with this cabin a few years ago.

It's now grown to five cabins in total.

My cabins have been occupied by polly pockets, superheros and littlest petshop creatures.

Rental pricing is available upon demand.


February 26, 2012

Tunnel of Love...

The girls and Chris enjoyed a snow day on Friday.

They used their time off from school to build a snow tunnel that at the top of our backyard hill.

The tunnel is just big enough for the girls and their sleds.

I love their creative energy.

February 24, 2012

Lil' Vintage StoryBook and Children's Playstoves

It's Friday and so it's time for another Lil' Vintage Story Books Link Party.

Today's book (The Bedtime Book) is a recent addition to my vintage storybook collection. Copyright 1963 by Western Publishing, written by Mabel Watts, illustrated by Florence Winship. It's a Whitman Tell-A-Tale Book Golden Book.

As they get ready for bed, two siblings discuss what it would be like if they were animals instead.

Such sweet pink ribbons on the lamb.

Aren't their fur trimmed winter outfits adorable?

One of my favorite pages includes a puppy and kitten sleeping in front of potbelly stove. So very very cozy. Each week, I've tried to tie a personal collection to the a page or theme of my featured book. This weeks collection has nothing to do with bedtime, but focuses on my small collection of children's playstoves.

This vintage metal playstove sits in my craft room on top of my wooden dish hutch.

As you can see, it's very small in size and the red paint is worn on the handles/dials.

This next stove was formally in my childhood dollhouse and I remember putting the kit together with my mother.

Made of plastic, I'm honestly amazed at how well it has stayed together all these years.

It sits on top of a shelf in my craft room, along with several tin dishes and a framed reproduction of a 1931 Goodhousekeeping magazine.

Back in 1975, my sister and I received this
wooden playstove for Christmas.
It was handmade by my grandfather and mother.

My longtime followers will recognize the stove
because it has found its way into Josie's bedroom.

Don't forgot to visit Corey Moortgat's blog for more great vintage books and illustrations.

Happy Friday!
Happy Playing!
Have a thrifty crafty weekend!

February 23, 2012

"owl" always love you...

A few weeks ago, one of Emma's friends mom brought us this owl cookie jar filled with homemade chocolate chip cookies.

She told us that in place of funeral flowers for Nana, she thought we might enjoy this special cookie jar.

Such a sweet gift.
Thank you, Julie.



February 22, 2012

Cat Tuesday!

Even the cats enjoyed Fat Tuesday at our house...


February 21, 2012

A quick outing on Presidents' Day!

I enjoyed a very quick outing to my favorite antique store yesterday while home with the girls for Presidents' Day.

I'm always on the lookout for vintage millinery flowers and was very pleased to find these sweet felt corsages.

I'll be using them in upcoming Easter projects.

A handful of vintage children's books with sweet illustrations. I'm set for Corey's Lil' Vintage Story Books link parties for a few weeks!!

If you've been a regular reader, you know how much I enjoy collecting vintage picture albums. This Easter album will be proudly on display with the rest of my special collection.

Be on the look-out. This rabbit cookie cutter and vintage dress potholder will be included in an upcoming Easter give-away.

This sweet yellow apron will also be part of an Easter give-away too. As you can imagine, I've got big plans for Easter crafting.

Glorious finds and a 4 day work week!
It doesn't get much better.