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January 30, 2015

Friday phone dump...

Whooo hoooo! It's finally Friday! 
I've officially stopped taking any photos with our real camera since getting into Instagram and my iPhone is so full of pics, that I keep having to delete 1 or 2 to squeak in a few more pics.
I really do need to dump all my photos and back them up before my iPhone ends up in a snow bank or run over by a pair of ice skates.  
One of my projects this week was to convert my Christmas window boxes into Valentine window boxes!   I'm such a dork, but I can't stand bare window boxes.

In other news, Josie had her annual cardiology appt and we're happy to report that she won't have to go back to see her cardiologist for two years!

We're still feeling hopeful her valve replacement surgery can be pushed out until her teenage years!  Yippee!

I hope everyone has a fun and relaxing weekend!

January 26, 2015

Year of the Goat CNY tree!

If you've followed me for awhile, you know that we have a year-round decorative tree that receives multiple makeovers every other month (including some made-up holidays).
It's now featuring an assortment of decorations celebrating the approaching Chinese New Year (Year of the Goat or Sheep) which begins February 19th.
I've said this before, but of all the trees, that I display in the sunroom, I think the CNY tree is my favorite.
I'm sure it has something to do with our time spent in China.
Happy "soon-to-be" Year of the Goat!
PS. Prayers for all my east coast friends and Storm Juno!

January 24, 2015

Chinese New Year preparations...

Chinese New Year officially begins February 19 and my long time followers know that I convert our year-round tree into a Chinese New Year tree to celebrate Josie's heritage. 
 Josie and I will be putting the final touches on it this weekend.  Until the big reveal, here's a sneak peek.
 Have a wonderful weekend!  Take time to play!

January 21, 2015

Seeing RED!

I hope your week is going well. 
Just popping in with a few pictures of Valentine decorations that are scattered about the house.

I hope to work on my Valentine/Chinese New Year tree later this weekend.

Happy Wednesday!

January 18, 2015

Winter outdoor adventures at the A-frame...

It was dark when we arrived to the A-frame Friday night after work.  As you can see, the recent snow storm also extended to the lake.  
Determined that we would be skating on Saturday, Chris got busy snow blowing a patch of ice on the lake Friday night.  He was a man on a mission! 
We woke up to a gorgeous pink sunrise Saturday morning.  No photo enhancing needed. 
Josie even got to test out the hills on the side of the A-frame with her sled. 
We are spoiled with our groomed/manicured ice in our backyard rink but no one can deny the view is much prettier at the lake for skating. 
It's been a fabulous weekend of  outdoor winter adventures. We're definitely blessed.

January 16, 2015

Winter weekend plans...

After a very chilly few days, we've finally got a heatwave this weekend of 30+ degree temps and we're looking forward to spending some time outside. 

 Even my backyard gnomes have finally dug out from our last storm.

 Take time to play this weekend.


January 14, 2015

Christmas clearance Valentine makeovers...

Although it's only mid-January, my crafting brain has turned to Valentine projects.  My local grocery chain (Meijer) is carrying these vintage-inspired chocolate boxes. I'm a sucker for anything vintage looking and the $1.49 price tag isn't bad either.  
Over the last week, I stopped by Target and Dollar General and picked up a couple of Christmas items that were 90% off.  
The red felt tree skirt (Dollar General) received a few felt hearts and is now my Valentine tree skirt for my year-round sunroom tree.  Excuse the wrinkles.  I haven't decorated the tree yet, but I've added a few red lights.
The fabric houses and felt heart were part of this year's Target line of ornaments  and with a few embellishments, they will also be added to my Valentine tree.  
Are you working on any special Valentine projects?

January 11, 2015

Snow, Ice and Harry Potter!

It's been a wild week of extreme weather. 

 The snow was coming down so hard Thursday night, we could barely see across our own yard.

Friday, we enjoyed all enjoyed a day off from school and spent the majority of our time digging out.

On Saturday, we officially opened up our backyard ice rink.

It's been weeks nurturing the ice and this extra cold weather really helped get the ice nice and hard.  

For my long time followers, you know that my husband loves Harry Potter and spends time each week reading Harry Potter during the lunch hour to two different elementary schools in his district.

Saturday night, was their annual Harry Potter Yule Ball.

 Over 150 students were in attendance.

 The decorations were nothing short of fantastic.

A truly magic evening.

Not sure how we're going to top the excitement of this past week.

Have yourself a magical week.