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March 30, 2014

Hopping along with Easter decor at the plantation dollhouse!

My plantation dollhouse has officially received its Easter makeover. 
The shamrocks have been put away and several bunnies, eggs and chicks will be visiting over the next several weeks.

My Irish gal is now decked out in pastel colors and ready to greet guests at the front door with a chocolate covered rabbit.
Pink and white dyed trees and Easter grass fill the front yard.
My feather tree is nestled next to the house and is filled with those infamous hand-made eggs that I rescued from a family run estate sale.
A special Easter parade is passing by the Plantation house.
The special fabric bunting was made by Heather (Vintage Grey).  Thank you, Heather!
Doesn't the house look extra festive at night with the tiny egg lights on the roof?

I'm glad you all don't mind (or you graciously humor me) when I post my miniatures and dollhouses.

I seem to have quite a few of them.
Happy "mini" Easter, friends!

March 27, 2014

Estate sale finds and a fun Easter project!

I managed to find a few treasures a recent estate sale.
 While I was digging through my vintage Easter crafting supplies, an idea struck to give my electronic Christmas light an Easter makeover.
The candle got a coating of white glue and fine white glitter and then I starting taking apart Easter supplies.
Floral wire and a bit of hot glue secured things in place.
The electronic candle no longer shows any sign of Christmas.  
In case you are wondering, those black and white photos are of my mother, my late Aunt, my beloved grandparents and my great grandmother.  My mother is the one enjoying her big bowl of popcorn. 
It was a fun and quick Easter project.
Once I'm done with work on Friday, I'll be spending the rest of the weekend pulling out Easter decorations and putting the final touches on the plantation dollhouse.
  Happy playing!

March 25, 2014

A hippity hoppity cottage tour!

The Easter cottage is finished. 
The rabbits have learned to stay away from Mr. McGregor's garden and they are now growing their own carrots.
If you are a long time follower, you may recognize it as one of the many dollhouses that I transformed a few years back on this post.
When Chris came home with this hand-carved bunny from an estate sale, I decided to reclaim the little yellow cottage for my own Easter decorating purposes.
Back in 2012, Emma helped me assembly the furniture (still available at Michael's) and I did the painting.
Perhaps you'd like a cup of tea or a nice tossed salad?  
The tiny cherry dishes are still available at Hobby Lobby (I'm borrowing a few from Josie's dollhouse).

Maybe you'd like to get warm by the cozy fireplace?

The bunting was made from tiny sticky notes folded over baker's twine.

The little ones are upstairs in the bedroom loft.
 The miniature plastic stroller is from the Dollar Tree found in their baby shower supplies. Diane (Saturday finds) had posted a darling picture of fluffy baby Easter chicks in this stroller and I knew I needed one too.
I hoped you enjoyed touring the Easter cottage.

You know I'm not done with miniature Easter displays.  The plantation dollhouse is next!

Have a hippity hoppity day!

March 23, 2014

On the craft room counter...

In between loads of laundry this weekend, I spent time playing in my craft room.  
 I made a glorious mess.
I came up with three different cloche ideas for  for "Deb and Sandy's Spring Cloche Swap".
 In case you are interested in making your own, the rabbit and chick figurines (they come without bows) are currently available at Joann Fabrics for $1.99.
My favorite part of the cloche are the flowers, leaves and miniature toadstools.
A tiny bit of spring has been captured inside a plastic wine glass cloche.
Spring doesn't look like it's coming to West Michigan anytime soon, but it's definitely in my craft room!!

PS.  Just thought you'd like to know that the ice rink is still functional.  These were taken Sunday afternoon (March 23rd).  
Apparently Old Man Winter and Mother Nature haven't coordinated their schedules yet.


March 20, 2014

Feeling groovy and tiny tweaks to the Easter cottage!

Many of you have left comments or sent email wondering how I'm doing. Thank you, friends. I'm happy to report that modern medicine has helped with some of the issues I had after surgery. I've been back to work running full steam for a couple of weeks.

I'm looking forward to spending some time this weekend in my craft room finishing up the Easter cottage and working on my cloche for the Spring Cloche Swap.

 I hope you all find time to do some of your own playing this weekend.

March 18, 2014

Tweet! Tweet! It's time to start thinking SPRING!

The dirty snow piles continue to linger outside but I'm thinking SPRING! 
I've given my blog a new makeover with a trio of spring birds.

The darling yellow chicks were purchased from Magpie Ethel's etsy shop.

The white bird is one of my own creations.

Come on SPRING!

We've been patient long enough! XOXO