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May 30, 2014

22 years, rock-n-roll and paper lanterns!

Yesterday was our 22nd wedding anniversary.    When life slows down, we'll attempt a date-night. 
We celebrated by attending Josie's Rock-n-Roll 50's 2nd grade musical.
I'm trying to convince her that this would be the perfect outfit for next year's Halloween party.  Don't you love those cars?  Reminds me of our Route 66 trip from last summer.
My long time blog followers have known I've always had a thing for paper lanterns.
 My craft room is filled with them.
 I even have a few smaller ones in my bedroom on the fireplace mantle.
At a recent estate sale I happened to notice a metal basket filled with paper lanterns on the floor underneath a table.  
The crate was filled with all sorts of different color and styles.  As you can imagine, I rescued them all!
 Hanging lanterns makes it an instant party, doesn't it?  Happy Friday!

May 27, 2014

Furniture for the garden shed!

My parents have been storing the porch furniture that once belong to my beloved Aunt Jean (and formally my grandparents).
Although the garden shed is tiny, we were pleased to see that the couch fits.  If you missed the partial tour earlier last week, see this post. 
The cushions have seen better days, but one of my estate sale chenille bedspreads makes it look pretty again.
A few of my favorite craft room pillows have also found their way onto the couch.
My  pink bird cage has also found its way outside from my craft room.  The framed bird print was a gift from my dear friend, Viv.
The fabric bunting from Heather (Vintage Grey) now includes a few empty seed packets from our garden.
The nest picture was a gift from Donna (My Shabby Chateau) and fits perfectly in this special space.  The trellis shelf was a birthday gift to myself from my recent trip to South Haven.
The plant stand was also a birthday gift to myself from Murphy's Antique mall in South Haven.  The ivy style  matches my Aunt's porch furniture.
I also brought out my childhood rocking chair for Josie.  It's almost too small for her now.
A barrel sits next to the couch and makes a great stand for fresh flowers (or a glass of wine).
At night, the glow from my bunting lights up the room.  
Monday afternoon, Josie and I took a break from working in our vegetable garden.  I found myself asleep on the couch.
Thank you, Aunt Jean (and Grandma/Grandpa).  

I know you'd love this special sanctuary.

May 26, 2014

Patriotic decorations at the Plantation

It's been a wonderful birthday/Memorial weekend. 
 We couldn't ask for better weather.   Not too hot and loads of sun!
 On my birthday, we traveled to South Haven to enjoy some time at one of my favorite antique malls (Murphy's Antique Mall).  We also spent some time on the beach soaking up the sun and enjoying the view of Lake Michigan.
 Hard to believe this was the same beach back in February!!
In honor of Memorial weekend, the plantation ladies have been busy at work getting things ready for their own patriotic celebrations.  The little blondie with the patriotic hat was designed by Magpie Ethel.
A tiny red wagon has been decorated for a mini parade.
The table is set with pie and fresh berries.
After the baby goes down for a nap, a croquet match will be taking place on the front lawn.
A light-up star necklace has been added to the picket fence.
The bunting was made from folded crepe paper available at the Dollar tree.
Wishing you all a blessed Memorial Day...and most importantly, thanking all who have volunteered to give their ALL for our freedom.

May 22, 2014

My Birthday and Gnome House Anniversary

I'm celebrating my birthday Saturday and I thought I'd do a year in review of one of my favorite birthday presents from 2013...the backyard gnome house!
 Last May, Chris built me this gnome house out of a "free" structure that we found on the side of the road in our neighborhood.
Over the past twelve months, we've had fun decorating the little dwelling.
 Back in February, Papa gnome found his soul mate and we now have a happy little family living in this dwelling.
The most recent birthday addition to my little home are these solar powered toadstool lights.
Just look at the charming glow they cast at night!
In case anyone local is interested, they come in four different colors at our Meijer grocery store at $2.99 a piece.
Several of  you have asked if the interior of the gnome house is decorated.
There is a table and chair set along with a cozy bed.
As much as I love my dollhouses, I couldn't leave the interior empty.
It's the gift that just keeps on giving!!
Enjoy this long holiday weekend.  I'm not sure exactly how I'll be spending my birthday, but I'll be finding time to play and create!   
 Birthday Cheers!

May 20, 2014

Estate sale finds and decorating updates on our gardening/door structure!

Last August, Chris put the final construction touches on his 13 door structure which resides under the girls treehouse.  It doesn't officially have a name, but I'm thinking of it as a fancy gardening shed.

 With the return to our busy school/work schedules and the plotting of our Halloween party festivities, decorating the interior of this special structure was put on hold.

Now that estate sale season is officially underway, it's been fun looking for special treasures to put in this unique space.
This porcelain table was one of a few things that came home from a recent farmhouse estate sale.
I also found a few more camp stools and this fabulous plaid umbrella with a fun plastic green handle.
Sunday afternoon, I started digging through my craft room and garage for things to add to this space.
A wreath and gardening trowel hangs on one of the walls.
A paper bird-theme bunting and a pair of childhood prints hangs across another set of doors looking into the backyard.
A Kim K. rabbit planter, vintage miniature wheelbarrow, along with one of my oldest (and very loved/stained) garden gnomes and a few seed packets are on the corner of the table.
The chair, birdhouse, whisk broom and rug beater were a mix of estate sale finds and items from my grandparents home.
Only one side of the room is decorated at this point.  Emma spent Sunday afternoon in this new room studying chemistry and math. 

She said the sunshine and privacy from her little sister was wonderful. 
Stayed tuned for more outdoor decorating adventures.