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April 29, 2013

Antique market tease...

Let's just say, this isn't the only doll house that came home with me from yesterday's antiquing adventures. 
Don't judge me. I've got plans to turn this into a haunted house for Halloween.  

I didn't have time to edit or take photos of the rest of my stash Sunday evening.  Family duties won over photos. More coming later this week.

April 27, 2013

Beneath the stars...

We've spent the last 24 hours enjoying the warm temperatures and working in our yard. We actually hit over 70 degrees today.  A first since October.  I can honestly say I will have earned my Sunday antiquing time with all the raking and hauling of sticks, leaves and dead grass. 

The girls and I spent some time this weekend cleaning up the woods behind the tree house.  Emma, her best friend,  and Josie enjoyed a movie under the stars and had their first sleep over of the season in our tree house Friday night.

 Our ice rink lanterns are now on the tree house railing.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.  I'll be back with pictures from the Allegan Antique market.  I can hardly wait!  It's been a long winter and I've missed my outdoor antique vendors.


April 26, 2013

A little house warming gift and weekend plans...

Erica from Golden Egg Vintage recently moved into a new home with her sister and I decided that she needed a little something to celebrate her new home. 

 This cigar box has been transformed into little house warming shadow box.

I also sent a box of crafting goodies and small treasures.

Do you have any special plans for the weekend?  As long as the weather forecast remains accurate, warmer temps are finally in our weekend forecast.  The timing couldn't be better.

 My sister, Mom and I are headed to Allegan on Sunday for the season opener of the Allegan Antique Market!

Over 400 vendors.  I can hardly wait!!  

Have a super crafty/thrifty weekend, my friends!

April 23, 2013

Estate sale goodies and vintage party decor...Giddy-up!

The estate sale season is officially underway and Chris and I hit one decent 50% half sale Saturday morning. 
One of my cherished purchases is this stack of vintage books from the 1930s illustrated by one of my favorite children's illustrator...Fern Bisel Peat.
Such gorgeous illustrations.

Chris spotted them for me and I was honestly surprised no one had picked them up at 50% off.
  These beautiful books are in great condition.
I can't wait to "gently" share them with Josie. 
Other purchases included these pretty glasses.
A basket of vintage Christmas.
More Christmas.

You already saw this mug back on this post to use for Josie's Western cowgirl party.
I also picked up this stack of bushel baskets to use for birthday party decor.
Although I would prefer to get all of Josie's birthday decor at estate sales, I couldn't help myself when I found these vintage place card holders from StraySquirrels on etsy.
Thank goodness for color copiers/scanners.


April 22, 2013

Dressed up nest part 2!

Thanks for all the concern about our city and the flood waters that I posted recently.   I almost feel guilty sharing pictures.  We're fine.  Lots of businesses and homes have been effected, but our home is absolutely fine. I didn't want to give the wrong impression. No denying, the view from my 7th floor office is certainly exciting right now!   It's been record-breaking flood waters for our city. 

Before I get to my dressed-up nest give-away, I have to share the nest that Viv made for me. 

 Isn't her little blue bird is Darling with a capital "D"!!!

Thank you, Viv!

Speaking of nests, Josie picked Chris from "A Little Creation" this evening for my Kim K. nest give-away.

Happy Spring, Chris!  Please send me your postal address. 
I've been enjoying nests so much lately that my fireplace mantle now includes a spring-makeover with a few more nests.  Pictures to come later this week.  Stay dry everyone. Our little part of the state has had 10 inches of rain this month.  More rain/snow is in the forecast this week. Those May flowers better be awfully fantastic!

Earth day and lots and lots of water...

Happy Earth day! In my little part of the world, Kent county is under a flood warning and my University office building has sandbags around it.  The girls even had school closed on Friday due to flooding. 

The Grand River is  truly amazing and scary right now.  I snapped these pictures this morning. 

Hard to believe that this is normally a walking path.

I just so happened to have a video project with a fellow faculty member and decided to take a few pictures of the Grand River around my office.  In case you're curious, my office is on the 7th floor of this building.  I've got an amazing view of the flood. 

This is the Fulton Street bridge which is currently shut down.  Just look how high that water is!!

The flood has even impacted the creek that runs behind our house. This was a picture taken in February when it was 6 inches deep.

Look how narrow the creek is.

 On Saturday it was over 48 inches deep and much much wider. 

The creek's current is running fast. We're very lucky. Our house is safe and dry.

  On this earth day, I'm thinking of water.  Lots and lots of water.  

April 21, 2013

A birthday tease...

As soon as May hits, we have a slew of celebrations...Mother's day, Emma's birthday, my birthday, our 21st wedding anniversary and then Josie's 7th birthday.

We're done with themed birthdays for Emma, but Josie is very excited about her approaching birthday. Here's a little peek at something I picked up at an estate sale on Saturday.

This was originally in the workroom of a basement and filled with pencils and markers.  I'm sure they were wondering why I earth I wanted this dirty mug.
Little did they know I had big plans for this .25 cent purchase.

Emma and I also managed to find this framed Roy Rogers picture, this western fringed vest, two pairs of cowboy boots and Emma's sundress at a local resale store that was closing.

I've got big plans, I tell ya.

Giddy up!!!  PS.  There's still time for my spring nest give-away.  See this post.