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August 31, 2009

Going to my Halloween Happy Place...

I'm fantasizing about all my happy activities because the next three weeks are going to be the toughest weeks at work. Lots of running between campuses, attending night classes to provide orientations (including the weekends) and trying to keep everyone happy with our recent software upgrade.

Going to my happy place involves curling up on the couch with my husband for a good English mystery, crafting with my girls, sometimes cooking, and getting ready for our family Halloween party.

It’s killing me to wait until October to post Halloween ideas so bear with me my blogging friends. A couple of you have suggested I write a book on Halloween decorating and this blog is a great place to get all those ideas organized in one place. Who knows maybe someday, you’ll see a book on Kim K’s Halloween Craftiness!

For a few of my followers who aren’t familiar with my Halloween obsession, here’s a little background information….Halloween has become our family’s all-time favorite holiday.

Prior to meeting my husband, Christmas would have ranked right up there as number ONE. Chris’s obsession (which includes years of plotting elaborate Halloween displays at his house and in his dorm room which was at a Catholic college) clearly changed my holiday preferences. We can proudly say that we own more Halloween decorations than Christmas decorations.

Maybe proud isn’t the right word. Oh well.

We start thinking about what we want to be for Halloween months in advance and it’s not uncommon for Chris to wear multiple costumes…one costume for our party…a different costume at his elementary school party.

So why do we love Halloween so much? Because it's fun!!

Halloween is a FUN holiday that our family loves to celebrate.

Chris and I have held Halloween parties every year since 1992. Each year, they become a little bit more elaborate and the decorations and special effects tend to get a bit more extensive.

Last year’s Halloween party was our first family-friendly party and it was hugely successful with over 126 attendees. The face painter, carnival games and popcorn machine were so much fun and added a festive “non-threatening” mood to the evening.

Because we are passionate about our relationship with international special needs adoptions, we are making this year's party a fundraiser for Pearl River Outreach. Families can donate whatever they chose (if they chose) and the money raised will be used to provide specialized medical training and foster care to Chinese orphans. We've been involved with this organization for almost a year and we are excited about this venture. Every day, when I look at Josie, I’m reminded at how blessed we are to have fantastic medical interventions at our disposal.

Our family doesn’t believe in ghosts or witches or dancing skeletons. We don't believe that any of the characters associated with Halloween mean anything to us, other than that they have great entertainment value.

Over the next few weeks, mixed in with my regular family updates, I’ll be posting Halloween crafts, recipes and decorating ideas.

I hope enjoyed this little trip down memory lane and Happy Halloween…a bit early!


Melinda said...

Your Halloween parties look like so much fun! I love all of the decorations~you sure do have alot! It awesome that you are helping the Pearl River Outreach while having fun! I can't wait to see pictures from this year's party!

Shanna said...

Ohhhh! I am giddy with anticipation! I can't wait to see more Halloween posts!
I totally agree, you should write a book! I will be the FIRST to purchase it :)
LOVIN' the pictures!
BTW~ maybe I can talk you into helping me with Haunt With A Heart blog design?

Nik's Knacks said...

I cannot wait to see what you pull off this year!

Angela said...

Boy you'll have to be on your toes this year with the trip so close to halloween!

PandaMom said...

Absolutely D-A-R-L-I-N-G Blog template!!!!!!!!!!! You make me want to jump in, too! We're not much on Halloween (yet!), but as for fall....well, I drip with drool over any PUMPKINS I see and all the fall decorations are just....just...too much!!!! I love it! ; )

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
Since you already have the M.S. Halloween mag, I thought you might want to look for the Family Fun Halloween, too. It should have been on the stands Aug 25. I don't have mine, yet, but hope to get it this weekend.

Keep the ideas coming! Two of my neighbors and I do a
"Pumpkins at the Park" party for our neighborhood. (We absolutely have a blast getting together carving pumpkins, playing games, and eating!)

My husband is in the throws of the fall semester at our community college where he is an academic dean. I always hate it for him every year, so I will just add you to my sympathy list, too!

Wishing you a great Labor Day weekend,
Your fan in TN,