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October 23, 2009

A $1 Deal & Halloween Black Cat Projects

My friend Shanna shared a great Halloween $1 deal. Available at Party City near the Halloween decorations are several different DVDs for $1. I picked up the Halloween Ghoul Log. It's hysterical. It's a Halloween version of the yule log. I'm not sure which TV this will be running on during the party, but it's great background noise.

Ready to make your own black cat to hang in a window or on the front door to greet your trick-or-treaters for Halloween?

Josie and I decided to make this black cat by tracing two different sized bowls onto construction paper. One larger bowl for the body and a smaller bowl for the head. We then cut out two triangle shapes for ears and a long tail. We added pipe cleaners for whiskers and green/yellow eyes.

Josie had so much fun tracing circles, that several different colors of construction paper were used in the making of this project. I see a pink pig in our future…hee hee.

If you’re looking for other Halloween black cat craft activities, FamilyFun Magazine has several different ideas:

Black Cat Halloween Mask

Jet Black Cat

Black Cat Pattern

Martha Stewart has several options too:

Black Cat Garland Template

Black Cat Treat Boxes

Spitting Cat Template

Even our cat, penny, is getting into the Halloween spirit.

Happy Halloween! 1 week until the BIG party!!


Cari said...

Very cool cat project! Love the "real" cat photo, too! LOL

Gwen Oatsvall said...

girl you are amazing ... so fun ... i have missed Halloween this year, but i really want to start decorating again for the holidays !!!! i love the fun that comes w/ decorating and how excited it makes the kids ...

hope all is well w/ your bunch ... we are hanging in there ... love ya girl bunches !!!

PandaMom said...

LOVE the kitty getting into things, too! You reminded me that I need to renew my Family Fun Mag subscription. Thanks! ; )

Can't wait to see what fun you create next week! We did a wee bit last night and has such a blast!